Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


25. Soon

Ashton p.o.v

I do feel quite left out lately I guess I am just more of a peace keeper. Maybe it is for the best for me to stay out of this. Hopefully things will start being normal again when we get back on tour and release some music and stuff.

"Hello"I answered my phone

"Hey will you do me a slight favor"Abriana asked

"What"I asked

"Will you tell Michael to unblock me because I want to talk to him"Abriana said

I laughed to myself for a second

"Michael told me you blocked him first"I said

"I was mad just tell him Ashton geez and come over today k love you bye"Abriana hung up

I shook my head and smiled before texting Michael

I got dressed sent my message and left my room to get my keys down stairs and leave

"Where are you going"Harry asked

"I'm going to Calums house"I said opening the door

"What happened to you and me hanging out Ashton you leave in a little over a week and I haven't had any time with you"Harry said pouting

I instantly felt so bad and felt like a failed at being a brother

"Aw Harry I have left you out I have just been busy with important stuff I didn't want you around ok why don't you hurry and get ready and you can come with me ok"I said shutting the door back

I texted Calum and told him Harry would be with us today so we can't really do any more mature things. Calum would know what I mean by that because I don't like to drink in front of Harry and I don't like anyone else drinking around him either.

Harry and I got to Calums house and it looked like Luke was here so someone must have went and got him and outside in the front all the kids except Amy who must still be with Michael.

"Hey"I said to Calum who was outside with the puppy and kids

"Hey Abriana Carlo and Luke are in the house making lunch well actually Abriana is probably on the phone with Michael still"Calum said

Harry and I walked into the house and seen Luke and Carlo in the kitchen and Abriana in the living room on the phone

"Hey oh no Ashton just got here"Abriana said to I then Michael

"Look I am sorry ok I really am I just don't want things to not be ok between us and Amy before we leave ok so can you just come over please I want to spend time with the kids before we leave and I have news ok bye"Abriana said hanging up the phone

"News"I asked

"Yeah I got in touch with my uncle in America his wife and him are moving back in a couple days well actually they will be here tomorrow and they will be in the same area as Haley so they are going to adopt Bryon and Mary and the kids actually won't be split up at all"Abriana said moving back into the kitchen

"Good so Michael is coming over with Amy"I asked

"Yeah and who is this cutie"Abriana asked

"I'm Harry"Harry said smiling

"That's my little brother he is 11"I said

"12"Harry laughed

"Aw he is in between Kila and Amys age"Abriana said

"Yeah I think him and Kila will be going to the same school"Ashton said

"Oh that's good she will know someone then"Abriana said

Amy p.o.v

I really can't believe Michael. Why would he want me to apologize after what Abriana said. She obviously doesn't want us around her anymore. Even Mary would know that. Michael better not expect me to say anything to her maybe Carlo but not her.

"Hey get ready we are to Calum's house get ready ok"Michael said standing at my door way

"Ok fine"I said in a mad voice

"Ok what's wrong"Michael asked walking into my room

"Do you actually expect me to apologize to Abriana after what she said yesterday"I asked turning away from him

"No and you better not expect a apology from me either but you have to understand Abriana and I and well the whole band are leaving in just a week and I don't want things to be awkward between Abriana and I especially when I have to be around her everyday for a while so no I am not expecting anything from you I just want you to go over there so we can all just get along"Michael said standing behind me

"I can get along with her just fine without being around her"I said putting away clothes Michael got me yesterday

"You are going end of story"Michael said walking out of the room

I reached for a pillow and screamed into it

"I can still hear that you know it'll be ok just get ready"Michael half yelled from the room next to mine

"Whatever"I said under my breath

Michael p.o.v

I pulled up to Calum's house to see everyone was already here Carlo Luke and Ashton were outside with all the kids and dog so I assumed Calum and Abriana were inside

"Michael"Ashton said standing up

"Where is Abriana"I asked

"Well hi to you too she is inside"Ashton answered

"Sorry I just want things to be done and normal meanwhile maybe you should go ask your brother why he staring at Kila like he hasn't ate in a year"I laughed walking in with Amy by me

"Hey"I said walking in to get Abrianas attention

"Hey uhm Calum can you finish cleaning up kitchen and feeding everyone please thanks"Abriana said leading Amy and I up starts

"Michael I want to go downstairs"Amy whispered beside me

"Sh it's okay"I said not looking at her

"Sooo"Abriana said sitting on the bed

"Okay listen we both know we messed up I was slightly taking Amy from you and you slightly were being over protective okay I'm sorry I don't want to go through the tears and fighting until we make up I honestly am sorry though that is if you are"I said fast

"I am sorry okay I didn't realize I was being over protective and Amy you don't even have to forgive me because I know I should've told you for one you were being adopted and two I just didn't want you to be with Michael because I seen you trusted him in days and you took years to trust me and I was jealous ok and I mean I leave really soon with this band and I don't want things to be left unsaid or anyone to be mad when I leave so I will also tell you this and it's up to you to tell your brothers and sisters if you want I did talk to my uncle in America and he and his wife are moving here in two days well now actually tomorrow and so they will be adopting Bryon and Mary because they do want younger kids but they will live really close to Haley who will adopt you and Kila and you guys will see each other all the time and maybe go to school together ok"Abriana explained fast

"Ok"Amy replied quietly

"Amy listen Abriana is very very sorry okay but I messed up too and you do have a right to be mad but you can't be mad forever so will you please tell her you are sorry too"I asked nicely

"I'm sorry also"Amy said putting her head down

Abriana and I looked at each other then back at Amy

"Ok so I do think there is lunch to be eaten and animals to go see at a aquarium so let's go and have fun while we are all together"Abriana said standing up and walking out the door

Amy then shockingly took the zipper of my jacket to pull me closer and buried her head into my shoulder and cried

"Hey don't be like that what's wrong"I asked

Amy raised her head and wiped her eyes

"Nothing"Amy responded in the quietest voice

" to me"I asked raising her head up to look at me

"I just"Amy stopped and started crying again into her hands that were covered by her jacket

"I don't want you Abriana or any of the guys to leave me"Amy said slowly in a choked up voice

"Hey listen we aren't leaving you we would never leave you we just aren't going to be around often for a while we all love you so much Amy plus Carlo and all the kids will still be with you"I said moving her hands and wiping her eyes

"It isn't the same though Michael and you have to say that you took me in yesterday"Amy said looking down

"Hey lunch is re-what's wrong"Ashton said walking in

"Amy thinks since everyone is basically spliting up and leaving you know we are leaving with Abriana and they kids will be spilt in half we are leaving her and I told her we love her but she says I have to say that because I took her in yesterday"I explained

"Well you know I haven't really been involved with all this but you know I don't have to say anything but we do love you a lot like our own little brothers and sisters I mean we might not be able to see you everyday in person but with all the technology we will be skyping and facetiming you guys all the time trust me we won't be gone forever and I mean in a few weeks after start school you're going to have friends and not really remember we're gone and in a few years when you start working and seriously dating and driving and have friends you aren't going to want us to be around you all the time I promise that's going to happen even if it doesn't seem so now it will okay but we are always going to be here"Ashton explained

I always love when Ashton talks to people because he is best at it and I wish I was too.

"You know you are right I can't keep needing you guys forever I am a teenager I need to start growing up now or I'll never start thank you guys"Amy said hugging both of us

"You realize we leave soon and you start school soon so come on lets all stop being sad and crying lets go have fun together while we all still can"I said standing up and putting my hand out for Amy to stand also


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