Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


14. It's You

Abriana p.o.v

I feel like Michael has told me what I needed. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders. It hurt to hear someone say they see I am lying to myself and everyone around be but I am not that person and I will never be that person again.

"Is this is"I said pointing with my open arm

"Yepp"Michael said opening the door letting me go first

"Oh my god they are so cute"I said in excitement referring to the 8 week old English bulldog puppies

"Would you like to see one"A young short curly haired girl asked

"Yes please"I nodded then looked at Michael who was rolling his eyes

"This ones name is Rosey she is the only white hair and blue eyed one in the bunch they all have blue eyes but are a mix of colors or just brown"She said

"Aw she is so cute Michael I want her"I said in a begging/whiny voice

"Little one you know Calum wouldn't allow you to have a dog when we are going to gigs"Michael said

"Wait gigs and Calum and Michael this all sounds really familiar OH my sister has mentioned you aren't you in a band called 5 seconds of summer"The girl asked

"Yeah actually with Ashton and Luke also we just got back from LA we toured with One Direction a few months back"Michael said

"And let me guess you are dating her and haven't told any fans yet because my sister would flip"She asked

"NOOO we are not dating we are just close friends I am dating Calum I am with Michael today because he already got me something my brother Luke Calum and Ashton are getting presents for me its my birthday today I'm Abriana by the way"I said

"Oh my bad I am Liz let me call my sister well she is my twin but her name is Julie you wouldn't mind meeting her would you I mean she is a big fan"Liz asked to Mihchael

"Oh no I would love to meet her"Michael smiled

As I watched Liz leave I talked to Michael and put the puppy back

"Does this happen often"I asked

"Well if we are in the city where we have a gig soon there yes but not like every second maybe a fan once then maybe not one the next day it just depends"Michael explained

"I am excited to see how she acts"I smiled

"All the fans are so adorable when they meet us for some reason the sometimes cry and freak out but in a adorable way"Michael smiled back

"Ok Julie let me guide you but don't open your eyes please"Liz said coming out the back door with her twin who looked a lot like her except her hair was longer

"Liz I hate surprises you better not hit me or I better not get hit with something"Julie said walking slow touching the cages as she walked

"Ok almost there..ok stay still and when I say open your eyes open them"Liz said backing away beside me

"Ok open them"Liz said calmly

"OH MY GOD"Julie screamed instantly bursting into tears and putting her face into her hands

"Aww haha come here hug me"Michael said putting out his arms

She hugged him tight back.

"See Abriana I told you adorable right"Michael smiled still hugging Julie

"Haha so adorable"Abriana smiled

"IT'S YOU"Julie suddenly screamed running over to me

"Um what"I asked confused

"YOU you're the girl Calum tweeted about right he posted a picture of you obviously not paying attention you were kinda smiling but looked like you were talking to Ashton"Julie explained opening up her phone and going to a unfamiliar website called Twitter that Calum was on

She opened up her phone and went to the Twitter website. I heard of Twitter before when I was in school a teacher who was very nice and young maybe 21 had one and always talked about it. Julie went to Calums page and showed me the picture of me from the side I was kinda smiling so I went back to that moment yesterday. I was talking to Ashton about everything that happened. Above the picture he had a smiley face.

"Michael did you see this"I asked

"No I didn't know I am looking now"Michael said

"All the 5sosfam is freaking out and are asking who she is"Julie said

"Well I am Abriana and I am Ca"Michael cut me off

"Abriana let me call Calum be quiet"Michael said shutting me up

I was a little worried why I couldn't say anything.

"Hello"Calum said one speaker phone

"Calum listen don't say anything that could be bad you are on speaker phone I am here with Abriana a girl named Liz and a fan named Julie who is her sister at the pet shop everyone is freaking out including Julie about the picture you put on twitter today why did you do that"Michael said like he was talking to a child

What is going on?

"Oh yeah I figured everyone would freak out but I am going to tell everyone tonight after we are done with Abrianas birthday we are having a twitcam about it"Calum said calmly

"So you are just going to let everyone wonder"Michael asked

"Yeah but let me talk to this Julie girl"Calum said

"Ok here"Michael said handing Julie the phone

Michael p.o.v

Why would Calum do this?

"Julie"Calum asked

"H-Hey Calum"Julie said nervous but about to cry at the same time

"Listen and don't freak out Abriana is my girlfriend-"CAlum stopped cause Julie yelled at him

"CALUM HOOD WHY AREN'T YOU TELLING ANYONE"Julie yelled like she was his mother

"Oh im in trouble"Calum whined

"YES you are I am not happy you didn't tell us"Julie said

"I promise I am telling everyone in a twitcam tonight at 11 that we are together and I am so scared because I love Abriana so much and I don't want people hating her for no reason I am in love and I won't be able to see her hurt so please keep it a secret until 11 and ask people not to hate her"Calum said all in a begging and whiny voice

Okay maybe I would like to b e with her but that was really sweet for him to say.

"Awh Calum that's so cute you are really in love but anyways I won't tell anyone but you do know some people won't be happy about this"Julie said

"I know but maybe when they know her more they will see she is so sweet and nice I am going well wait am I still on speaker phone"Calum asked

"Yeah"Julie said

"Take it off i'll tell you cause Abriana can't hear this"Calum said

Julie took my phone and turned the speaker off

"Okay so what"Julie asked

"Well Michael got her a phone but I will set her all up with a twitter and insta because she has never had one her family isn't exactly all that great but I don't know I am getting her has she said anything"Calum asked

"Yeah I uhm when you are done come down to the pet shop"Julie said

She has began to not talk to us as huge famous people like most people do and now she has talked to us like we are normal people. We like when fans do that because we don't want to be treated "special" we aren't even that big yet.

"Uhm okay well I will see you and your sister later maybe around 6 is that okay cause her brother and Ashton still has to get her something"Calum explained

"Ok bye"Julie said sweetly hanging up

"Abriana needs to not be here at 6 I am going to get Calum to get her the dog she is holding"Julie whispered to me giving back my phone

"Ok"I nodded

It is 4 now so in two hours i will tell we should get something to eat because Calum probably wouldn't take her to eat until 8 or 9 anyways.


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