Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


17. I'm Trusting You

Abriana p.o.v

I woke up in my room with Calum's arm around my waist as we feel asleep last night and Rosey on Calums pillow. I had one thing on my mind and that was that I can not believe the fans liked me and not one didn't like me. I am kinda shocked but I will accept it. I looked at my phone. !0:37 am I wonder if anyone else is awake? I slipped from Calums arm and walked to Calums room to see about Carlo. He wasn't awake so I went downstairs to see Mrs.Hood dressed up

"Hi Mrs.Hood"I said walking down the stairs

"Hi honey Calums father and I had to go into work a little early today I have to leave he is waiting for me in the car"Mrs.Hood said putting on one of her shoes

"Oh okay I will probably have one of the guys over while I wait for the guys to wake up if that's ok"I said and asked

"Oh that's fine those boys are allowed here any time you want them over you don't have to ask oh also I did make breakfast it is on the stove if you are hungry"Mrs.Hood said putting her other shoe on and standing up getting her bag and walking towards the door

"Oh ok thank you have a good day"I smiled

"No problem bye"Mrs.Hood said walking out the door

As soon as I thought she was gone she opened the door back up.

"By the way I know you and Calum have slept in his room and your room the past two night and Calum would think he would be in trouble but I trust you guys plus he prefers his bed so that is where you will probably sleep tonight and his room is right above mine so I will hear you if you guys do anything but have a nice day sweetie bye"Mrs.Hood said shutting the door

Well isn't that just awkward.

I put my phone in a group message to Luke Michael and Ashton. Yeah Michael taught me a lot I am glad I just remember it all. I texted them "are any of you awake" and got a reply. It was from Luke it said "I am are you ok?". He is so paranoid about me sometimes. I replied "no I am fine I am just bored the guys are asleep please come over".I waited for about 15 minutes then got a text back saying "I am on my way I had to get ready". I waited for about 20 minutes and Luke was at the door.

"Hey darling"Luke said hugging me

"Hey yeah the guys aren't awake yet"I said closing the door

"Usual I still haven't got out of the Los Angles time frame so I am always wide awake early"Luke said setting down on the couch

"Well about when do you think they will be awake"I asked putting a plate of food together for me and Luke

"Well I don't know about Carlo of course but the guys probably 12 pm if that early"Luke said watching television

I walked back into the television room and gave Luke his plate I made him setting down beside him

"Oh thanks Abriana"Luke saide

"No problem"I said taking a bite

"Actually Calums mum doesn't like people eating on her couch she is scared of people spilling things"Luke said setting up putting his plate on the coffee table

"Well she isn't here is she plus what could mess up her couch on this plate anyways all we have is eggs a biscuit and bacon"I said

"Oh you rebal"Luke joked

It was silent except for the low television for a  few minutes until Luke spoke

"Have you check your Instagram or Twitter yet"Luke asked

"No why"I asked

"Just go look"Luke said leaning back with me to see my phone

"Oh my God"I said

I already had 470k over night that's almost half a million like wow. I seen a lot of "Abriana follow me" "I love you Abriana" and "Abriana notice me please with numbers beside the tweet". I asked Luke he said that's how many times they have tweeted it. I decided to follow some people. I will follow more when I have a lot of time. I tweeted then

"Good Morning guys glad to see so many of you!!"I tweeted

My first tweet cool. I then went to my instagram to see 200k people following me already. Well they seem to care a lot

"That's amazing"I said to Luke

"I know they are fast workers too"Luke smiled

I was following back some more people then Luke spoke up.

"So about that journal you write in"Luke spoke up

"Oh my private journal"I asked

"Yeah..can I read it"Luke asked fast

"What no don't you understand private"I said

"Abriana if I knew everything that has went on in that hell  house I would be able to help you more and it would help get those kids out of the house we can show it to the cops"Luke said

"No Luke I would like to forget all the abuse and hits I don't want to look on back on it"I said

"You won't be I won't even discuss it with you I just need to read it please I need to know what they have done to you and your brothers and sister to get them out it will help please Abriana I am begging you please"Luke begged

I was quiet and thought about it for a minute then spoke up

"Fine but please don't bring it up to me I am going to go get it and I will be upstairs getting ready all the pages have my age on them since I was 8 as soon as I moved in I started write but not everyday"I said going up stairs then coming back down with the book

"Thank you"Luke said

"I hope you know I am trusting you witht he last night years with my life I trust you Luke a lot"I said putting the book in his hand

"I know and your trust is really important to me I won't ruin it for myself I promise"Luke said

"I am going to get ready just don't mention it please"I said

"I won't I already told you"Luke said laying back

I ran up the stairs and decided to use the hair tools Mrs.Hood gave me yesterday but first I picked out some close. I picked some black skinny jeans my new Nirvana long sleeve tee shirt and my converses. I quietly got in the shower since Calum was still asleep. I am so scared Luke will think I am out of my mind. I can't lie to myself anymore I am depressed. Sure I haven't been tot a doctor and he says so but I am. I have the scars on my wrist to prove the pain. I have lied to Carlo and the kids these past few years and said the are from our adopted father. I just said he added about twenty every time. I have them all over my body though and all I can say is my abuse father gave them to me when in reality I gave them to myself.. I stole fathers knife he use to cut us with and he did assume I did it but I deserve it. I always go against mother and father. They tell me I can't go out I seek out every night. They tell me to keep my scars and bruises from them hid so they don't go to jail I wear the only close that still fit me which is a tank top and shorts. They say I am not smart enough to go to school I make Carlo teach me what he did everyday. They treat Carlo different from me because they care about him more of course they still beat him and he has no food or close he has to find close and food himself everyday but he does go to school. Until I came Carlo wasn't beat. It must me my fault I know it is. I am ugly and unsmart. I am worthless. I then realized I was crying. I got out of the shower and my face was puffy and my eyes were blood shot. I quickly got dressed and hoped Calum wasn't awake to see me. I quietly opened the door. I looked at the bed. Calum is awake great

"Hey babe good morning"Calum said

"Morning"I said trying to hide my face while I got the hair dryer Calum gave me my hot tool Mrs.Hood got me

"Uhm you ok"Calum asked getting out of bed

"Yeah I-uhm I'm fine"I said holding my tears back and putting my hair by my face not facing him

Calum began to walk towards me and I knew I had to hide my face somehow. He came in for a hug so I hugged him quickly so he didn't even have time to look at my face. I held my tears back still then I heard Luke rushing up the stairs.

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