Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


3. I'm Positive

Ashton p.o.v

Did Calum really just ask her to stay at his house like wow. Calum cares about a lot of people but unless he really knows them he wouldn't do this. I get it he really cars about her but he doesn't know her. How will his Mum and Dad act to him bringing some random girl home from the park. I know she needs a place to stay but he could try to find her parents or someone she knows because I don't at all think it's her parents who beat her because she has been beat by someone you can just tell but  she doesn't try to hide he scars all over her body which is weird. She must not care if people find out so she must not care about them who ever they are. I am so tempted to ask her who beat her but I couldn't just say some scars and bruises look recent so maybe ask something on that line.

"So uhm why do you stay in that park"I asked looking down but seeing Calm gave me this worried and mad look

"Oh I just don't like my house it's uh just not good"Abriana said shyly

Ok she doesn't cover up her abuse but she can't talk about it. Well I guess she really couldn't cover it up she said she didn't have a lot so she must nat have clothes to cover them.

"So are your parents not worried or anything"I said acting like I wasn't thinking she doesn't have parents

"Oh uhm"Abriana stopped and started crying

"ASHTON"Calum yelled as he stopped walking and took her into her arms

"Abriana I'm sorry I didn't know"I said

Ok either she was took from her parents or they died.

"No it's ok it's just they died when I was 8 I uh seen them die right in front of me"Abriana paused wiping her tears

"So when I was 8 my mom got pregnant with my little sister and brother they were twins and we had to stay at the hospital for a few days then my grandma came from America because she moved there and she flew over the day we got to leave the hospital"Abriana paused crying hard hugging Calum tight  but then spoke up again

"So I was going to ride back home with my grandma because the car my parents and brother and sister was in was a little crowded and it was dark and raining  and the next thing I knew my grandma hit her breaks really hard and I seen a big semitruck flipped over on my parents car crushing it"Abriana said looking into distance like she was reliving the moment

"I'm so sorry Abriana I shouldn't have asked"I said putting my hand on her back

"No you both should know but no my "parents" aren't worried about my I was adopted my some random family a few weeks later a few weeks before a was 9 because my grandma didn't have the money to give me the life I needed"Abriana said more angry now

We walked the rest of the way in silence until we got to Calum's house.

"Mum Dad"Calum half yelled

"Calum..Oh who it this"Calum's mother smiled

"This is Abriana I was wondering if she could stay here tonight or for a few night maybe because she has been staying at the park for three days and can't go home because it's not good"Calum saying pushing Abriana forward

"Oh uhm of course Calum Abriana is welcome to stay I suppose she can stay in  the spare room  help her with her bags oh Calum is this what you meant by you needed to go to the mall for clothes for someone"Calums mum asked

"Yes mum this is what I meant but we might go out later okay"Calum asked

"That's fine but you know the time to be home"His mum looked at him

"Yes mum come on Abriana"Calum said picking up her bags

"I'll be up in a second Cal"I said as he walked up the stairs

"So is she ok"Calums mum asked

"No her parents died at 8 as you probably seen she was crying it's because I asked her if her parents were worried about her but she told us she is adopted you my not have seen but on her legs arms and back she was bruises scars welps everything her parents died in a car wreck she wasn't int he car she was in the car behind them but some of those scars and bruises look very recent like at least days ago"I explained

"She's been beat"Calums mum asked

"I think so yes for a long time and she recently ran away finally but she acts like she doesn't know a lot of you know todays world she got clothes but she had to look at the other girls to get the right clothes she doesn't know any music she doesn't have a phone but she is very smart so someone Is teaching her but I don't think she goes to public schooling she also writes in this little leather journal thing that she is very protective of and lets know on see"I explained more

"Ok this may sound bad but if she won't end up telling you or Calum then either one of you journal and see if she is being beat and by who because most people adopt more than one child if they adopt at all especially if she lived in a foster home  but be about 95 percent sure she is beat"Calums mum said quietly so Abriana couldn't hear her

"She is I know she is I'm positive"I nodded


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