Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


8. I love Luke

*A/N sorry for the last chapter being pretty short but I didn't want to combined these chapters*

Luke p.o.v

I have tried not to be in this but you can truly see the pain in her eyes. When she says give me therapy I know what she means, she wants someone to heal her and she wants it to be Calum. You can see he makes her so happy though she has forgot the feeling of happiness she has found it even if she doesn't know yet. Calum doesn't mean what he said he realizes she has been hurt for years but it is so easy for him to forget that he hasn't been hurt nearly as much as she has.

Abriana p.o.v

The only one that hasn't made me upset yet is Luke. Ashton is always watching me I feel like he knows what happened. Michael is making me confused about Calum and Calum is just forgetting we aren't together. Finally we got to the carnival even though I wasn't in the mood. Luke grabbed my lower wrist and pulled me away after everyone else was in front of us to the wooded area were no one seen us leave.

"Uhm can I help you"I asked Luke unsure of why he would drag me away

"I can help you I know what's wrong"Luke said seriously

"Oh I'm sure you have no idea"I said shaking my head

"I do though I understand you have been hurt emotionally..."Luke paused

"...and physically"Luke said quieter

I was just in shock he hasn't even said a whole sentence to me until now. He was listening to me, listening to the them. Can I trust him, should I tell him?

"Why are you talking to me now"I asked kind of upset the only reason he would talk to me is because he knows

"And why are you changing the subject"Luke sassed back

"Fine"I paused and crossed my arms

"You guessed it you know now what do you want"I asked in a pretty mean way

I must admit I am very mad at Luke after not saying a word to me, in fact he didn't even say hi went I first met him he just put up his hand, this is what he is going to say to me. Ashton did say Luke doesn't talk much but still this is horrible to me. I do have a attitude with him he knows I am mad and I don't care. Maybe I am overreacting though. I mean he is trying to help probably. Maybe I should just listen.

"I know you are mad at me but please listen Calum really likes you a lot when he was on his phone typing in the car when we first started driving he was texting me tell me everything he loves about you and said he is scared to loose you and a lot of other stuff too but you need to understand he never meant the stuff he said he realized you are hurt and will always have some kind of pain forever but he also gets jealous very easily and when he feels this way about you he got upset he doesn't realize Michael isn't trying to take you from him yet"Luke explain fast

"Can I read the text"I asked less mad

"Sure"Luke said getting his phone out of his jacket pocket

I began to read the long message from Calum

I actually really like her. I know I have said this about many girls but I mean it with her I'm not joking around this time. She is so smart and beautiful and funny. She has been hurt so much but that isn't keeping her down. She is everything I want and need. She is my everything. My world. I am falling, hard. I am so scared to say the wrong thing and she will just walk away. I need her with me forever. If I loose her it's over it's like I'll just be another thing walking around she makes me myself. She is may heavenly gift . I can't/don't even want to think about what would have happened if we never met. Like what if I never walked over there? What if I never gave her my jacket? What if I never came back the next day? This may be soon for some people to say but I wouldn't say it if isn't I love her.

 I finished reading not even noticing I was crying since he put I need her with me forever.Luke then got a text from Ashton asking where we were and I gave him his phone still crying. Luke quickly texted him back saying we were talking but we are on your way then brought me into a tight hug comforting me in a brotherly way. I began to cry into his chest  ruining his clean white shirt. I began to get better after feeling bad for what I did to Calum, he only was trying to keep me, then rose up and began to talk to him

"Oh sorry for your shirt"I said rubbing his now wet dirty shirt only making it worse

"It's okay babe do you want to go back to Calum or do you want to go home because I can take you home"Luke asked

"No I need to spend time with Calum right now"I said starting to walk but shivering because it's cold

Luke came up behind me and hugged me. I haven't had a hug out of someone being nice in years all the hugs I have got is from Carlo when we got beat together and held on to each other when we got scared. I look to Luke as my Carlo. Carlo loved me and kept me as safe as possible he would take beatings for me when he knew I couldn't take one that day. He goes to school ( he must have a hard time covering his bruises burns and scars now that I think about it)and then comes home to a beating then teaches me everything he learned that day.He would never leave me at the house for to long if he knows our "parents" will be back. I love Carlo, I also love Luke.




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