Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


16. I Have A Secret

Carlo p.o.v

It is pretty exciting to be able to spend the money I have had for years. I feel out of my place here. These boys aren't like me. I mean they are nice and basically took me in but we come from different world really Abriana has changed a lot she smiles and laughs and isn't scared of every touch she use to flinch if anyone touched her not now though. I wisher were to be before adopted Abriana. Really when they adopted me at 4 they were perfect they loved me a lot but all that changed when father lost his job and started cheating drinking drugs. Then mother got mad that he cheated but didn't want to leave him so she took her anger out on the kids. Abriana was young and doesn't remember but the first week she was there they loved her but then everything messed up but only at the times when they were okay they adopted more kids but as soon as they got there they were beat. I really miss my old family will never get better.

"Hey Carlo get over here we are opening presents now"Luke called me then sitting in the floor at Abriana feet

Calum p.o.v

I really can't stop thinking about telling the fans or how they will react Abriana has been through a lot and the last thing I want is hate send to her. I want to just clear my mind and focus on giving Abriana the best birthday she has had in years.

"Ok I am last so who do you want to open first"I asked standing by the presents waiting to hand her one

"Ok first off none of you had to get me anything I would have been happy just spending time with all of you"Abriana said before I cut her off

"Ok yeah yeah which one"I rushed her

"OK uhm Carlos"Abriana said making a decision quick

Abriana p.o.v

I really enjoy what they are doing for me this is the happiest I have been in forever.

I took the bag form Calum and tossed out the colorful paper hiding the present. I reached my hand inside to pull out a Nirvana tee shirt-my favorite band ever- and some new converses.

"Thank you so much Carlo I love this I love you"I said hugging him

"Anything for my baby sister"Carlo smiled

"Ok next who"Calum asked

"Uhm surprise me I don't care"I said

"Ok Lukes"Calum said picking up the warpped present

"No do Ashtons because mine should be after Michaels and Michaels shouldn't be opened until Ashtons is because Michael and mine kinda goes together"Luke explained

"Oh yeah ok Ashton"Calum said picking up the blue bag

I took this bag and set the paper to the side.

I pulled out headphones a bookbag purse thing and a combination of everyday girl things like perfume lotion hair ties and hair grips

"Thank you Ashton"I said hugging him

"What you don't love me"Ashton joked

"I do I do love you"I said

"Okay Michael is next"Calum said handing me the wrapped box

I took the box and ripped off the paper then opened the box itself. I pulled out first a cd they read 5sos 5 seconds of Summer To:My little one

"Your bands cd"I questioned

"Yeah I made it for you to has all the songs we record on our ep and also the new songs we have out and you better listen to it"Michael said joking but with a straight face

"I will"I laughed

I still felt something in the box so I pulled it out. It read on the box white IPhone 5s. This must have cost him so much. I remember when "mother" got a Iphone 5 she said it was so expensive.

"Michael this must have cost you a lot"I said

"Don't worry about it just love it little one"Michael smiled

"But"I said

"NO don't question my gift"Michael half yelled

"Ok thanks Michael love you next"I said quickly so he didn't yell at me anymore for questioning his gift

"Ok this is Lukes then mine is next"Calum said handing me the last box

I opened it and pulled out a nirvana phone case and a green day tee shirt

"Thank you Luke love you"I said bending down to hug him

"Your welcome darling"Luke said

"Ok my turn"Calum said excited

"Wait honey I got Abriana something I didn't have time to wrap it sorry honey"Mrs.Hood said walking over to me and handing me a box

It was a straightener curling iron built in.

"It isn't much but most teenage girls has one and I was talking to Calums sister and she suggested it"Mrs.Hood said

"Thank you Mrs.Hood you really didn't have to get me anything though I mean letting me stay under your roof while I am dating your son is really enough"I said

"Oh it's no problem Abriana we love having you here"Mrs.Hood smiled

"Ok is everyone done can I give her my present"Calum asked

"Yeah Calum go get it"I said

"Ok sit there and hold your arms out on your lap and close your eyes remember everyone is watching you so don't peek"Calum demanded walking off

"I won't"I said closing my eyes and putting me arms out

What did he get me that could be so big?

I hear him walking back. I hear something open and someone or something breathing heavy

"Ok I am going to up in in your arms now you can open your eyes when I put it in your arms...ok here it comes"Calum said

I felt a soft and slight height on my arms before opening my eyes.

"Rosey"I said in a high pitched voice excited

I petted and cuddled her.

"Calum how did you know"I asked

"When I talked to Julie while you were there she told me to come down to the shop and she would tell me what to get you and I got you her"Calum explained

"Well thank you I love you"Abriana said putting Rosey on Lukes lap and started hugging and kissing me

After playing with Rosey for a few minutes we then ate including Rosey then she fell asleep but only for 20 minutes before Luke and Ashton woke her up. By the time we ate dinner and cake it was 10:30 almost time for this twitcam thing.

Calum p.o.v

I must say am getting very nervous about telling everyone. I am probably overthinking it because everyone else seems to not really care. I tweeted at 8 I have a secret and they would find out at 11 on twitcam. Maybe they will all like her. But what if they all hate her? Ok I need to just calm down like everyone else is. I mean Michael is setting up Abrianas phone and setting up social media like a twitter and instagram for her Luke and Ashton are playing with Rosey and Carlo is watching a movie. Then I am over here freaking out. I looked at my phone 10:45...fifteen minutes left. I decided to talk to Abriana.

"What are you doing"I said slouching beside her putting my arm around her

"Michael is setting me up a instagram right now we already made a twitter I followed you"Abriana said turning her head to look at me

"You better be following me"I joked

"You better follow me back"Abriana laughed

We set there and talked about the fandom and what 5sosfam really is and stuff and i looked at my clock again we go.

"It's 11 come on we have to start"I said opening twitcam on my laptop.

"Everyone is saying we are late as usual"Michael said looking at his twitter

"It's true though we are always late"Ashton said

"Ok babe go off screen like sit in the chair beside Ash I will introduce you then come sit beside me ok"I said

"It's on"Luke said referring to the twitcam

"HIIII"Ashton said as usual

"Hello"I said

"Luke Michael say hi"Ashton demanded

"Oh hi there"Michael said looking up from his phone

"Hey"Luke quietly mumbled

"Luke they are saying to get off your phone"Ashton said

"Ok so lets clear things up I tweeted a picture of a girl with a smiley face and you all freaked out then i tweeted i have a secret so first of all shout out to Julie from the pet shop today if you are watching because you were first one to know before anyone because we kinda had no choice but to tell you so part of the secret is..i have a....PUPPY"I said holding up Rosey

"Her name is Rosey she is a bulldog and i love her"Michael said taking Rosey

"Ok next part of the secret is this dog is not my dog I mean I bought her for someone for their birthday today and that someone is the girl I tweeted a picture of and he name is Abriana and she is my girlfriend"I said pausing

"Babe come here"I said

"Nooo i look ugly Calum"Abriana said

"You look beautiful babe pleeease"i begged

"Ugh fine"Abriana said staning up walking over Ashton and sitting beside me in the floor

"Hi"Abriana waved quietly

"Whats wrong babe why are you acting so shy

"Because I don't know them except for Julie and that's a lot of people"Abriana said

"Well most of them don't know each other they have never even met but they are family they love each other you guys explain to her please"I said trying to make her feel happy and fun like she usually is

"I am just scared Calum that's all"Abriana said

"Of what babe the are normal people like all of us"I asked

"I am scared they will all hate me"Abriana finally said

"Why would you think htat"Michael asked

"Because when you were showing me the things some fans tweet you you guys are their life their everything their happiness and to some of them their life savers and now that one of them is taken I feel like they will think I am trying to take you away when I never would"Abriana spoke quiet and quickly

"Abriana they don't think that they all appear to love you I will read you some tweets that are being sent okay"Michael said then began reading

"Jasmine said we don't hate you Abriana at all we love you it is just a change for us and we have to get use to you and Katie said we love you Abriana Trish said you are beautiful Abriana and Haley said aw the way they talk to each other they are in lobe and Ginger said"Michael stopped since Abriana began to talk

"Ok I get it maybe I'll be ok"Abriana smiled

"Ok so if you guys want to ask us questions we will answer"Calum said

"Look they are trending something it is #WeLoveAbriana"Ashton said showing me on his phone

"Awh that's cute guys"I said

"Ok we have a lot of questions about Abriana and I so let me just answer them then ask us other stuff too"Calum said

"Ok when did you guys meet and how long have you been dating asks Piper"Calum read

"I'll answer well you guys might think this is kind of crazy but we have known each other for 4 days I think 3 or 4 and we started dating yesterday and it is kinda my fault we started dating so early so yeah"Abriana said

I feel like a proud parent right now since she is talking to them.

"Ok ill read the questions you answer babe so Kya says and asks Happy birthday how old are you today"I read

"Well thank you and I am 17"Abriana answered

"Ok Taylor asks how tall are you no offensive but you seem short what are the nicknames you use for each other and also who is the guy right behind Luke on the other couch"I read

"Well I am very short thanks for noticing but I am like 4'12 maybe 5'0 foot and Calum calls me babe I don't really have a pacific name for him maybe babe or baby and that would my brother Carlo he is watching a movie Carlo come say hi"Abriana said

Carlo then got up and hovered over the top of the couch Luke and Michael were sitting on

"Hello"Carlo said

"Ok a couple more questions about he and us and then ask us some random questions so Yanelly asks is that your real eye color and do you have a twitter or instagram or anything"I read

"Yes this is my real eye color and i do my twitter is @abrianaaa and my instagram is the same thing"Abriana said (these are fake accounts only for the story js)

"K one more Dani asks awh you guys are so cute together are you Carlo and your puppy Rosey doing on tour with them when they go"I read

"Thank you Carlo probably isn't but I don't know am i and Rosey going with you Calum"Abriana asked

She gave me this if you don't answer the right thing I will hurt you look. I knew she was joking but i was still scared.

"Yeah she is and Rosey is too you guys just think of Rosey as Abriana and my not human baby and the guys as her uncles"I answered quickly

Well that went better than i thought they all seem to love her I didn't see any hate at all. After that we answered some random questions for a bit then played would you rather with the 5sosfam then we went to bed


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