Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


10. I Found You

Ashton p.o.v

After walking around for a while it started to getting cooler. Michael and I got everyone together to leave.

"Well Abriana have you enjoyed this"I asked from the passenger seat looking back at her

"Well it has certainly been...interesting A lot has happened but over all yes I have"Abriana smiled I can tell she enjoys being able to smile not having to worry when she gets hit next

I really wish we could help more maybe find out who else could live in that house and get the man and women arrested but I really doubt she will tell us much and I don't want to pressure her into telling us. I still can not understand who another human could hate someone so badly to want to beat them and put them in pain its just crazy. She is so sweet and nice and smart who would hurt her. After getting beat daily for years she still manages to put a smile on her face and laugh. Calum is a very lucky boy and he better not hurt her or I will hurt him.

"Yeah a lot happened but that's okay because we are all together as a bug happy family at the end of the day"I said smiling

Abriana p.o.v

Family..I haven't been in a family in forever. I have almost forgot what the term family means. Now that I think about it family isn't blood or who is really related to you family is the people who love and care for you, the people who would die for you and search to the end of the world for your happiness. I, now,  am apart of a family. I have a family. That sounds amazing to say in my head.

"Yeah I finally have a family again"I smiled then just looked out the window and listened to the low music in that background of the car radio.

"We are back"Michael called out waking up Luke and Ashton who fell asleep

"Calum can I just stay here tonight"Ashton asked

"Uh sure you get the couch though"Calum said getting out of the car holding th door for me

I suddenly felt "in the way". If I wasn't here Ashton could have the guest room with real bed.

"No"I paused as I seen everyone look at me

"Ashton you can sleep in my room tonight"I spoke again

"Abriana I couldn't you sleep there I am only here one night"Ashton begged

"Ashton really please"I begged back

Ashton had a thinking look on his face for a second.

"Fine but I am not happy about this"Ashton walked off

I got my jacket and turned around to see this shadowy figure in the dark across the road just staring at me. I got really scared but didn't show it. I felt a hand around my waist and knew it was Calum. I tensed up for a second but then just turned back around and walked in.

We walked in and told Michael and Luke bye then all went up to Calums room and Ashton and Calum played some games. I got up and looked out the window because I heard small beats on the window. Assuming it was rain I checks. I slowly opened the curtain to see two eyes staring back at me and only eyes. I let out a big scream.

"AHHHH"I screamed at the top of my lungs as I would the first time I got hit with a brick on my head

I started crying and ran to Calums arms. I felt Ashton get up and he said he seen no one but I am positive someone is there.

"No Calum I seen eyes I know I did im not crazy I swear"I pleaded

"I know babe I know its okay Ashton will check it out"Calum said motioning his head to Ashton to go downstairs to see outside

"What"Ashton asked not wanting to go there

"Ashton go please"Calum said in a more stern voice

"Right"Ashton said walking downstairs

All I could hear was silence for a few seconds then I heard Calums parents and Ashton talking about how it must have been nothing and I am probably just scared. That's not true I seen someone I know I did. Then I heard Calums parents say goodnight to Ashton and Ashton coming up the stairs. Maybe I am just scared. Ashton sounded about half way up the stairs when I heard a loud crash downstairs.

"AHHH"I screamed again but this time I put my face in my hands

I looked up and seen a very scared Calum.

"ASH"Calum yelled from the door way

"A-Ashton was that-y-yo-you"Calum studdered in a scarfed voice turning each corner slowly to the stairs as I quietly followed him without him knowing

"Listen if you just tell me what you want I will give it to you just don't hurt me please"Ashton whispered with his hands in front of him

"CARLO"I yelled running up to hug him

"Abriana I found you I have searched for you everyday you have been gone mother and father told me to at first but then I decided to do it for myself sorry I scared you all I just thought someone kidnapped you or something"Carlo said hugging me tight lightly crying

I pulled away from the hug and wiped my eyes.

"First off Carlo they are NOT mother and father they are horrible people who deserve to rot in hell and no I was at the park for a few days then I met Calum who is my new...boyfriend"I said turning to put my arm out for Calum to wrap hi hand around me

"Hello I'm Calum and yeah we started dating today it's actually really funny because"Calum stopped because Carlo interrupted him

"I don't like him"Carlo said directing to me

"Sorry"Calum said goin over to the stairs

"No Calum don't be but why Carlo I love him what can I not be happy for once or do I have to live in hell the rest of my life"I asked

Carlo then shut up for a second but looked really mad




Okay hey guys so I know I usually don't do this but I would like to start shouting out people so the first person will be Dani Le Penguin an one of my favorites by her that I am reading right now is Beside You do go check it out and tell her you love it because you will and if you want a book shouted out or for me to read one tell me in the comments and I will try to get to as many as possible


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