Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


1. Home Finally

Calum p.o.v

I never thought I would want to go home so badly. Don't get me wrong I love touring,writing music,playing gigs,and traveling to places I never thought I would go to in my life but I do really miss my family and being home and not rushing to our next show even though that will all start back again in a week or so and I am excited for that .

"Mum dad"I half screamed running to them

"Calum we missed you so much"My mum said almost crying

"I missed you too so much"I said almost crying as well

I can't even imagine how my mum felt when I just left with three of my best mates to tour places she has never even been to with the biggest boyband of this generation. Proud surly but it was like she was losing her child for a while like woah. That's a lot for me to even think about well all the lads we have done things day by day not thinking about what we have done we came from badly recorded videos and acoustic shows in the park by my house to being on a huge stage performing to thousands of people to open for a huge boyband.

The rest of the night I just caught up with my family about what has happened talk to some fans and just chilled trying to stay awake so I could get back in my time zone.

The next day I woke up at about 11:30 ate and decided to go on a walk to the park by my house. I was going to call one of the boys but I decided not to cause they are probably spending time with their family today. My mum and are a little busy today well at least until 2 then we are having a cook out thing so I am just on my own listening to music and walking.

I was just listening to We the Kings, All Time Low, Nirvana, etc. when I seen such a beautiful girl. I wasn't that close to her but a close enough to see her clearly. She has long wavy silky looking light brown hair, kind of tan but her eyes was the main thing I seen. Her eyes were blue so blue like the ocean you see on a picture. She looked cold. She probably was it was a little cold out today and she had a tank top, shorts, and converses why would she wear that it has been cold all day and surly she knew that. She was writing in a little brown leather looking book. No phone no head phones just a book and pen. Obviously my parents never said don't talk to strangers cause I felt like I had to like something in my brain was saying go talk to her now plus I had a jacket and hat so she could get a little warmer.

"Uhm hello"I said walking up by her side

She quickly closed her book and looked up at me. I thought she was going to be really mean or mad she just stared at me. We were looking into each others eyes until she finally smiled and looked down making me smile.

"Haha hi"the unknown named girl said still looking down smiling

"I'm Calum, Calum Hood"I said sitting down beside her on the cold ground

"Abriana Ferrari " She said watching me sit down

She quickly held on to her book tight. I feel like she is to protective of that book.

"Are you not cold" I asked taking off my jacket leaving me in my long sleeve shirt

"Uhm yeah a little I had no other clothes though" Abriana said rubbing her bare arms

Something makes me feel like she has been here for a while like days.

"Well here you can wear my jacket and beanie"I said standing up from under the tree and putting my jacket around her and handing her my beanie

I seen scars on her back and cuts and bruises and burns. I was tempted to ask by I couldn't that is her business. I would love to talk to her about it but I only just met her.

"Thank you but you didn't have t-"Abriana stopped cause I cut her off

"I wanted to" I half smiled

"So why did you can over here anyways" Abriana asked

"Because you are beautiful" I said then stopped then realized what I just said

She only smiled and looked down putting her wavy hair behind her ear.

"I mean you looked cold"I quickly said acting like I never said what I did before

"Well thank you for both the compliment because I'm really not and yes I was quite cold" Abriana said looking up at me

"Are you kidding me you so are how could you say that" I said jumping up half yelling

Something that bothers me the most is when such beautiful girls say and think they aren't and have no problem saying it because they true think they aren't

"Calum sit down you're making a scene right now" Abriana whisper yelled

"Fine but you are so beautiful and you shouldn't say that or even be so comfortable saying that your hair is so silky and wavy and long and your tan and your eyes and basically my definition of perfection so please never ever say anything like that ever again or let anyone tell you you're any less than beautiful because they are very wrong" I said making sure she knew I was being real by looking only into her eyes the whole time

It isn't even hitting me what I am saying before I say it I am just saying it. Why? I never do this. I am getting to close to fast and probably creeping her out.

She wasn't responding. I really just messed this up, what have I done.

"I-I'm sorry I uh I'll leave I'm sorry"I said about to stand up then I felt a hand tug on mine

"No"Abriana half yelled

I turned my head and gave her a weird look.

"Please don't leave it's just no one ever has said something like that and someone like you who looks like that with a perfect hair and face and smile and heart comes over here and that's one of the first things you say to me after we introduced ourselves and that's just amazing that there are still good people in the world" Abriana said shaking her head at the end like she was in shock

"I would ever want to be less of a person"I said shaking my head also

After that we just talked.We learned about each other,favorite band.colors,thinks we like and dislike,etc. It kind of surprised me she never said she liked any music of today it was all early 2000s music pop punk also like almost every other teenage girl she didn't wear name brand clothes which is good because she isn't fitting in but by the way she talked she didn't know them she didn't know of anyone in todays world. Why? Should I ask? No. I couldn't but maybe one day

"So I should get home I was suppose to get back at 2 and its 3 I'll see you tomorrow yeah"I asked

"Yeah"Abriana nodded

"When"I asked

"Any time I'll be here"Abriana said standing up with me

Should I ask? No.

"Ok I might bring someone with me tomorrow though he is a close friend"I said talking about Ashton

"Ok cool bye"Abriana said hugging me

"Bye until tomorrow"I said hugging her back tight

I began to walk back home

"Wait your jacket and hat"Abriana said

"Keep it I'll see you tomorrow anyways

"Well ok"Abriana said smiling sitting back down

I wanted her to keep it because I wasn't sure but I feel she will be there all night hopefully I will bring her something warmer tomorrow and bring Ashton along and also ask him about her he is a little better about seeing through people and knowing exactly if they are ok or not.

So until tomorrow...



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