Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


12. Happy Birthday Love

Calum p.o.v

I woke up to Abriana laying beside me with my arm around her side. What happened last night, then I got flash backs. We all stayed up talking for a while then Ashton and Luke went downstairs to sleep Carlo went to Abrianas room and Abriana realized she didn't have a bed and I told her to sleep in my bed. What time even is it? If my parents know she is in bed with me I am in so much trouble even though nothing happened. I seen my phone laying under Abrianas long wavey hair. I slowly moved her hair and looked at my phone to see the time. 9:00am good my parents will be awake in another 2 hours at the least. We as in all the younger crowd has only got 5 hours of sleep right now. Lets see if I can get in 2 more hours without getting in trouble. I felt Abriana move a little and I was scared I woke her. Abriana turned over to her other side so she was facing me. I moved the hair in front of her face and kissed her forehead. I think about how lucky I really am for having her before falling asleep. About two h ours later I felt a light weight on my waist then heard a small voice in my hear whisper

"Good morning Calum"Abriana said whispering in my ear then kissing my cheek as I felt them turning hot and red

I opened my eyes and smiled at Abriana who was still sitting on my waist holding herself up with her cold hands on my side. How can she still look so beautiful in the morning she just woke up but her wavy her looks so soft and perfect like she spent hours on it and her crystal blue eyes her so sparkly and breath taking and her light tanned skin looked so soft. She is so...innocent and pure, who would want to lay a hand on her?

"Good morning beautiful"I said leaning up and kissing her then set up with my back against the cold wall crossing my legs as Abriana moved and set infront of me crossing her legs as well

"What are we doing today" Abriana asked putting her tiny hands on my legs

"Anything you want you get to pick"I said

"Why do I have to pick"Abriana said obviously forgetting what day it is

"Because its your birthday happy birthday love"I said reaching up to up putting her arms around my neck and my arms around her waist and kissing her pushing her back slightly before she feel on her back to the bed

It's innocent birthday kisses i'm telling you. I would never take her innocence from her.

"UH -UHM"I hear from the door

It was Carlo....Opps. Abriana and I laughed a little before taking each others hands and walking down stairs with him to wake up Ashton and Luke if they weren't already up.

"ASHTON LUKE WAKE u- oh you are"I screamed seeing Ashton was awake and Michael was here then also seen my parents were already gone but Luke was still asleep

"Luke wake up mate"I said again from the kitchen

"Noooooo"Luke groaned

Why is he always so difficult to wake up? He seems to respond to Abriana maybe she should try.

"Wake him up please"I whispered in Abrianas ear.

"Luke please wake up"Abriana said in a sweet voice at first

"No go away everyone"Luke said

"LUKE"Abriana yelled in a strict voice

Luke jumped up after that

"Ok"Luke said in a scared voice

"There you go Calum"Abriana smiled as everyone else laughed

"Really mate you are scared of a like 4"11 girl"Michael laughed

"Yeah I am the last thing I want is a pissed off female especially her she would torture me forever"Luke said

"'s true"Abriana laughed

Maybe it's just me but it is amazing to here her laugh. I think everyone else feels like this too because when I firs t met her she had a hard time laughing but when she met everyone else it got a little easier and now it is nothing but a laugh to her but we are just so happy she is laughing and smiling. It's just so amazing and everyone else just takes being able to laugh like nothing when most people like Abriana hasn't been able to have fun and smile in years.

"Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY"Michael said hugging Abriana

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY"Ashton and Luke also screamed hugging her as well

"Happy Birthday little one"Carlo said

"Carlo I hate being called that I am not little any more you have called me that since I moved in with you but thank you"Abriana said

"I don't care how old or big you get you will always b e my little one also I don't want to see you making out with your little boyfriend again"Carlo said

I began blushing and everyone laughed at me. I looked over at Abriana and she was blushing too.

"Not making out just birthday kisses"I said laughing

"Yeah innocent birthday kisses"Abriana laughed

"Okay anyways since I got my gift last night and Luke knows what it is so he can tell you I will hang out with Abriana today"Michael said

"Okay lets just hurry and et ready and we will go so we aren't really doing what ever we do today Michael we will text you when we are done and tell you where to meet us"Ashton said

I am not 100% okay with Abriana being with Michael today but I am going to just try to move past everything. We all went up stairs and Abriana got a shower in her washroom and Carlo got a shower in the other washroom while Ashton and Luke just put their clothes on and soon everyone was ready except Abriana. Yeah usual.

"What took you so long"Luke asked while Abriana walked down stairs

"I have really long hair Luke it takes forever to dry it"Abriana said walking past him towards me

"You know if you were a guy I would punch you in the face because you are so sassy and mean to me"Luke squinted his eyes

"Well I think you look beautiful"I said kissing her head

"Thank you at least someone understands"Abriana said towards Luke

"She has been this way since the day I met I her I actually hated her the day I met her  grandmother said she was a little sassy when she met our foster parents but it never wore off"Carlo said looking at Luke

"Well maybe Luke should think before he speaks so he doesn't say dumb things"Abriana sassed to Luke again

They have a love hate friendship.

"ANYWAYS I will take Abriana out for a few hours and you guys text me when you are done"Michael said taking Abrianas arm

"Okay love you bye"i said kissing her

"Love you too"Abriana said walking out the door with Michael




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