Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


21. Giving Them Up

Luke p.o.v

We all piled out in the car and told the police to follow us to Calums house. Soon we arrived and while the guys played with the kids Abriana and i had a private conversation

"Listen it's great we got the kids out and safe but what are we going to do with them the band has to go back on tour in a week what are you going to do stay here while we go i mean i would understand if you had a house but you don't are you just going to live with Calums mum"I asked

"I don't know Luke i don't know what to do ok i mean i would give to foster homes because i obviously can't take care of them but i don't want to spilt up or at least too far apart but I'm scared what if they do go to a abusive foster home again when all the kids got there i went through paper work i found Mary was adopted in because her family did have money to take care of her but she lived in a nice home before Bryon was adopted in because he has a single parent house hold and according to police his father wasn't making a enough money a year for him to stay but he had a good house Kila was adopted because her parents had her at 16 and 18 and didn't want to take care of her at a young age and Amy was adopted because her father and mother spilt and got tired and fighting over her none of them were ever hurt before they were adopted and I don't want them to be hurt anymore Luke do you know how it hurts to see a child beat in front of you that are only like 13 11 8 and 5 even when Carlo was beat it hurt and he is 18 it freaking suck Luke is really does"Abriana said as she ended up crying into my chest

"Hey look at me ok"I said pulling Abriana up

"I swear its going to be ok we will figure something out alright just be strong we all are going through this together"I said wiping her cheeks

Abriana heard laughing from Ashton and Calum then Bryon and Amy then a little bark from Rosey and smiled.

"We can do this "Abriana smiled at me

"You can do this"I smiled

"Abriana"I heard a little voice say

Abriana looked up wiping her eyes to appear strong to see Bryon standing at the doorway

"Yes baby"Abriana asked

"Will you and Luke come play with us"Bryon asked with big eyes

I looked at Abriana who was smiling

"Of course we will"I said as we all went to the living room

We all went to the living room and played and watched movies and t.v. until Calums parents got home

Abriana p.o.v

"I'm home Cal- oh uhm hi"Mrs.Hood said

"Mrs.Hood we went on a little adventure today and these are my and Carlos foster siblings but we call them brothers and sisters like normal"I said pushing the kids towards Calums mum

"Hi I am Calums mother Calums father will be home soon he had to work over just call me Mrs.Hood"Mrs.Hood said

"This is Amy she is 13 Kila is 11 Bryon is 8 and Mary is 5 uhm I'll talk to you and Calum about this later when they go to sleep i talked to Luke already'I said

"Ok well i will one of you to go to the market because i don't have enough food for dinner now"Mrs.Hood said

"I and Luke will go mum text me what you need"Calum said walking out

I went to the kitchen with Mrs.Hood to help we start making dinner while Michael and Ashton played with Rosey and watched T.V.

"I'm really sorry Mrs.Hood i understand if you are mad at me"I said washing my hands

"Honey I by far am not mad if anything i am very proud you and your brother and my son and the guys i just have no idea what you are planning to do with them i mean the band tour is coming up very soon"Mrs.Hood said

"I know i don't want to worry them so i will just talk to you later about it Calum doesn't even know yet"I said

We cooked in silence except for the low television in the background until Calum and Luke got home

"Awww look at my angel cooking with my mum you better cook for me when we move in together"Calum said half joking half serious

"Calum we are 17 what do you mean move in together"I asked

"Just saying cupcake"Calum said hugging my waist

"Mmmm"I smiled

"Don't push it cupcake"I said

"OH SNAP"Ashton laughed

One thing i could get tired of is Ashtons laugh it is actually so funny and loud and makes everyone else laugh too.

"Whatever you'll cook I know you're too nice not to"Calum said walking into the living room plopping down by Amy

"Mum you know what I'm really happy about"Calum yelled from the living room

"What Calum"Mrs.Hood asked

"Amy doesn't have that new teenager attitude"Calum said

"But everyone knows you did"Luke said

"You did too from 13 to 15 your excuse for everything was I'm too punk rock for that"Calum said mocking his voice

"Calum you were so much worse though all you talked about was Chris Brown"Michael said

"Ashton is still in that phase"Luke said

"I AM NOT"Ashton said

Oh I have a lot to deal with. This new life should be fun.

"Are they always like this"I asked Mrs.Hood

"Yes make sure they don't kill each other on tour though that is if you go as well"Mrs. Hood said getting plates out

After dinner the kids watched television while we made beds for them down stairs. Soon Mary and Bryon fell asleep then about 30 minutes later so did Kila and Amy.

"Abriana the kids are asleep"Calum said

"Well we are going to go now see you guys tomorrow or something"Ashton said for all the guys

"Ok text me when you are home"I said to everyone

We said our goodbyes then Calum I and Calums mum went outside to talk

"Ok Calum as I told Abriana I am not mad I am very proud you have the children in safety but what are you doing to do with them we don't have room you are going on tour and even if Abriana stayed here she can't keep up with 4 kids and either can Carlo"Mrs.Hood said

"I don't know what we are going to do mum I really didn't expect to make these kind of decisions at 17 years old"Calum said putting his head in his hands

I felt such guilt after Calum said that none of this would have happened if we never met. I put him in danger he could have died today and its all my fault.

"Abriana"Calum said putting his hand on my hand

"What oh ok so Luke and I were talking and before I was adopted I had family in America my grandmother had me before they found a home and last I remember and know of because I have snuck around and done research my mothers two sisters live near my grandmother in American and so do her three brothers my grandmother was very sick also when I was adopted so I really don't know if she is alive but my aunts and uncles must be and I haven't heard from them since I was 8 so what if I call them maybe they will fly here and adopt them"I said

"Babe you can't just say hey I'm your niece adopt these kids it won't work"Calum said

"It might Calum I want these kids to be safe I don't want them to go to a strangers house we can at least try or if you or one of the boys has family that would adopt that would be great too"I said

"Well mum do we have family that wants to adopt"Calum asked

"No we don't but why don't you get on the computer and find your family and contact them Abriana and Calum can call the guys and ask"Mrs.Hood said

"Ok Calum lets do that I am going to go lay with the kids give me your laptop"I said

Calum p.o.v

We all went inside and I gave Abriana the laptop downstairs as she laid down next to Amy and Mary and I went up stairs to talk to Luke first about the kids

After about 30 minutes of talking to Luke not only about the kids and Abriana but also the band and tour I decided to go down to Abriana and see how she has done

"You're still awake"I whispered

"I am have you called anyone yet"Abriana asked

"I called Luke I'm just getting something to drink then I'll call Ashton do you want something"I asked

"No I found out where my grandmother lived though and all my aunts and uncles live in the same area as her like in flats around her in a complex but she is dead I can't find anything to contact them though"Abriana said still searching

"Keep looking Luke said he wouldn't have any family that wants a kid sorry"I said putting my arms around her

"It'sok"Abriana said in a very sad way

"Are you sure are you ok babe"I asked

"Yeah this is just hard"Abriana said putting her head back to look at me

"I know babe I know it is but we are going to figure something out ok I am going through this with you ok"I asked

"Ok"Abriana smiled

"I love you so much and I'm sorry about what I said when we were talking to my mum I honestly didn't think I would make these decisions at 17 but don't think I meant that in a this is your fault why it isn't"I said

"I love you too sweetheart now do call Ash ok"Abriana said kissing me

I ran upstairs and called Ashton. Of course we got off subject for about 45 minutes but he also said no that only leaves Michael and it's 3 am now no way will he be up and if he is he won't answer because he'll be playing video games. I went downstairs again to see about Abriana and she was passed out on the floor. I put a blanket around her and kissed her head and went to bed. If I am thinking about it I am basically a father I mean kind of Abriana is absolutely like a mother figure to these kids and I am dating her so yeah basically a father plus I am making a huge decision to let these kid get adopted that's major for a 17 year old  kid. For some reason I am happy we are giving these kids a good life and they are safe but at the same time we are giving them up and I am almost scared to and don't want to give them up


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