Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


7. Give Me Therapy

A/N *Yes the title was inspired from Therapy by All Time Low in case you are wondering but if you don't know the song you should go listen to it*

Ashton p.o.v

I can't believe this she basically told Michael she is abused and so are her sisters and brothers. She obviously didn't mean to say beat though she covered it really quick. I wonder if I asked she would tell me? Maybe that's to soon. Maybe she is just tell me anyways. I doubt that I should ask but not now because she is really into Michael. I can tell. Calum is going to be pretty upset,

"Michael wake up" I heard Abriana say shaking Michael

"He isn't waking up any time soon haha good morning finally"I said looked back at Abriana then Calum to see he was mad

"Oh well haha"Abriana said looking over at Calum worried

"Calum you okay you look really upset"Abriana asked innocently

Calum looked over at her mad crossing his arms.

"Oh just great Abriana"Calum said sarcastically

"What did I do just tell"Abriana said a little more mad know

Calum p.o.v

Does she think I am joking here she knows what she did. How could she do this? She lead me on so much until I find her with Michael cuddling him.

"How do you not know you lead me on Abriana and then I wake up to find you and Michael like that"I said basically screaming seeing Michael wake up a little

"Calum that is just the way we happened to fall asleep I was cold anyways and I didn't want to wake you up to get jacket because I'm considerate"Abriana said yelling back fully waking up Michael

"And I'm not let's think back who was the one to give them there jacket and beanie when they were staying at the cold park"I yelled raising my eyebrows
"I never asked you to do that Calum it's not like I was sitting there begging you to come over I don't even own a jacket but I had my reasons to stay there"Abriana yelled closer to my face

Is it bad I am mad but I also just really want to kiss her?

"Really cause you aren't telling me them why are you hiding stuff Abriana you need therapy"I asked with a lower but still yelling voice

Abriana set back quietly then I realized what I just said.

"CALUM"Ashton screamed

"Abriana I-I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that I swear I didn't I just"I paused putting my head down

"I'm sorry"I continued

"Are you okay"Michael asked putting his arms around her

Really...Really are kidding me right now? I seen Abriana start to tear up now and I just felt incredibly bad. That needs to be me with my arms around her not the one making her cry. I seen Ashton giving me bad looks and Luke just looked like he felt bad for her. Great everyone hates me right now. Abriana faced me quietly and began to speak back

"Then give me therapy"Abriana said quiet with her blue eyes looking into mine

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