Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


11. Get The Kids

Carlo p.o.v

I hate him end of story. He doesn't understand Abriana or what she has been through. I bet he is the one forcing her to wear these trampy clothes too just to make him happy. He will hurt her I know it. Abriana doesn't know "LOVE" none of us do.


"Whoa mate calm down and don't talk to a lady like that"The curly haired boy said stepping in front of Abriana

"Get away from her...NOW"I yelled

"NO you will not talk to her like that I don't care if she is your sister she means everything to me you need to just calm down first"He said still guarding her the the Calum boy too

Ashton p.o.v

Carlo began to yell at me but I didn't really listen I was more worried about making sure he didn't get past me. I heard a little voice which was Abriana say 
Calum is telling Luke to get here don't let him see me and Calum and I did as told then after what felt like forever she said Luke is on his way.

"If you would calm down I would let you talk to Abriana"I said interrupting his yelling causing him to shut up

"OK i'll calm down"Carlo stepped back

"Okay deal is you talk to her in a calm voice with Calum and I as close or far as she wants us and you have to listen to her also without just screaming"I said slowly moving away from Calum and Abriana

"Okay one more thing before we just talk like normal people if you lay a hand on Calum who IS my boyfriend Ashton or the guy on his way here named Luke yeah I will kill you so don't"Abriana said before sitting down

Abriana p.o.v

I really can't believe Carlo I thought he might be a little upset but not this bad.

"Okay Calum please come sit beside me on the couch I want your hand please"I asked nicely and smiled to show Carlo I really do love Calum a lot

"Carlo sit on the other side of me and Ashton I don't really care but I do want you in the room and answer the door when Luke gets here please"I asked

"Ugh so bossy"Ashton rolled his eyes but laughed to show he was joking

"I am not haha"I smiled a little

"ANYways"Carlo said loudly but a little quieter at the end

"Okay I want you to tell me why you don't like Calum so much and why you think I don't know what love is"I asked in calm voice then waited for his answer while I searched on Calums lap for his hand

"I am upset because I should be I am your older brother and I should be protective of you like the guys at my school are over their sisters they hate their sisters boyfriends also you shouldn't know what love is because you are only 16 well almost 17 yes I remembered tomorrow is the day but anyways you got out of school at 13 I think right and you hardly ever left the house in the past 3 years so how could you know if you haven't loved anyone in years and those people were just your parents that you are suppose to love"Carlo asked which all this made me want to cry because I understand now

"First of all Carlo you don't have to be like all the guys at school maybe if Calum did something you didn't like I would get it but you are just following what every other guy your age does so now do you like him"I asked smiling at Carlo then Calum

"Well...yeah I can tell he really loves you a lot"Carlo smiled

"Good now Carlo are you kidding me I do love people other than my parents even though I don't say I do love you I love Kila and Mary I love all the kids I love Calum and Ashton and Luke and Michael who you haven't met yet but one day you will and i'm sorry I never really told you I do love you but I do because love isn't blood love is the people who care for you support you take care of you help you just love you and I know with the condition we lived in its hard to say we love anyone but this whole experience made me realize i am able to love i just though i wasn't and you are too trust me"I said almost crying at the end

"you know now that you say all that i do love you Abriana I also do love Kila and Bryon and Amy and Mary too but you said lived you mean i live there"Carlo said

"Uhm no i don't mean that you are not going back there no way and we are getting those kids out and safe but tonight you get the couch with me"I said patting the couch

"No Carlo you can have the bed that should be Abrianas but she was going to force to sleep there"Ashton said

"Well okay thanks"Carlo smiled

Knock knock

"Luke is here"Ashton said getting the door

"ABRIANA whats wrong"Luke stormed in asking running to me

:Oh well you are as little late so nothing now":I laughed

"You made me come all the way over here for nothing"Luke asked

I put on my puppy face to make him feel guilty

"Oh i'm sorry of course i wanted to see you again my little...dumpling"Luke said hugging me making a weird face

"Dumpling really"I asked laughing

"I couldn't come up with another word....OH darling that would have been better anyways who is that"Luke asked talking about Carlo

"I am Carlo I am Abriana's brother"Carlo said

"Oh yeah Abriana said something about you before"Luke said putting his elbow on my shoulder because i am so much shorter

"I KNOW Luke im short leave me alone about it"I half yelled joking of course

I think Carlo will get use to being with us.

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