Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


15. Don't Tell

Michael p.o.v

Okay it is 5:50 I need to start dragging Abriana away from the puppies.

"Abriana can we go get something to eat I'm hungry"I begged

"Okay sure but it is also 6"Abriana said

"I know it is okay we are just going to get some frozen yogurt or something it is just down the street"I said

"Ok well lets go"Abriana said standing up putting the new puppies in the back Liz showed her in the pin

"Bye puppy"Abriana said as I dragged her away

I walked in a fast pace down the street so it would make her walk faster so she didn't see Calum if he pasted us.

Calum p.o.v

I got to the pet shop a little early at 5:55 but Abriana and Michael was not there. I seen a curly haired girl turned around

"Excuse me is Liz or Julie here"I asked

"I'm Liz Julie is over there"Liz pointed

"Julie"I asked walking to the straight hair girl in the open connected room with a few kittens

"Calum"Julie said excited but not screaming to not disturb the very small kitten she was holding and feeding

I waited for her to up the kitten back with the others. Then hugged her

"It's so nice to meet you i have waited forever it feels like"Julie said in a teary voice but she wasn't crying to hard she just had a few tears

"It's nice to meet you too thank you for being a fan"I smiled

"Oh no problem really"Julie laughed

I laughed too then she began to walk and I followed her

"Hang on Ashton is calling me...hey mate"I said putting my phone on speaker so Julie could hear too

"Hey Luke and I are setting down with the house the balloons and stuff is done we are getting the cake now and what are you doing with her about eating
"Ashton asked

"Well I told my mum we are getting presents for Abriana for her birthday today and she said ok I will cook so when she gets home in probably 10 minutes she will cook something"I explained

"Okay well when will you be done I told Michael the house is done and you are still getting the present"Ashton asked

"Uhm 10 minutes probably I am in walking distance of my house so you don't have to get me"I said

"Ok bye mate"Ashton said

"WAIT"I yelled

"What"Ashton asked

"Say hi to one of the 5sosfam members she is the one I old about Abriana cause Michael met her with Abriana and stuff yeah"I said handing her the phone

"Hey Ashton"Julie said

"Hi haha"Ashton laughed

"Thank you for being a fan and supporting us"Ashton said

"Welcome it's not problem really"Julie said quiet almost as a whisper

"Ok we I should go now but it was nice talking to you if Luke and I have time tomorrow we will come see you"Ashton said
"Ok yeah bye"Julie said hanging up and giving the phone to me

She ran tot he back and I wondered what she was doing


I couldn't help but laugh a little maybe this is what our fans mean when they say I'm screaming.

"Ok so anways this the puppy Abriana is in love with she begged Michael but he said you would probably say no"Julie said picking up a puppy

"Well I would but if she really likes it I'll take it i'll do anything to make her happy"I said taking the puppy

"Awh ok so her name is Rosey and follow me to get her things and Liz isn't around so I'll just give you the stuff that comes with her for free but she is a mini English bulldog with blue eyes white hair as adult she will be as big as a adult beagle which is pretty small you get a bed food water bowl food bowl leash color carrying cage and two toys she is very good about not chewing on anything but her toys also and if you want a outfit they are over there on the back wall for half off ones are on the right and if you come in in a week to the day you get two outfits for half off each and for her size they wouldn't cost a lot she is up to date on shot but she will need shots in 2 months then her last round 2 months after her next round she is a puppy so it is normal for her to be sick after the shots but after she sleeps she will be ok sign here to say you understand and yeah that's it"Julie said setting up everything on the counter for me to take and giving me a pen and paper

"Ok I'll get her outfit today and we should be back next week I leave in a week and 2 days"I said walking over to the wall

I chose a pastel looking purple and blue polka dotted outfit with a mixed pastel blue and purple tutu attached to it and put it on her then paid.

"I am walking back I am going to put her in the cage but do you have a really big bag for her stuff"I asked

"Already done on the counter"Julie pointed

"Oh thanks ok see you next week or maybe sooner maybe we will hang out bye"I said walking out the door

"Ok Rosey really to see your new mommy Abrianan I hope you love her like I do"I said walking to my house

I arrived at my house and the guys did good but they weren't back yet my mum was though.

"Hey mum look what I got Abriana"I said getting Rosey out

"Oh isn't she the cutest does Abriana know about her"Mum asked

"Well Abriana and Michael went to the pet shop and Abriana loved her but Michael told her no then he met a fan and I called and talked to her and she said come to the store and get the dog so I did her name is Rosey this is all her stuff I got free with her"I said setting the bag on the table

"Okay good well the boys set the house up before I even got home I am cooking pasta with chicken and rice"Mum said

"Yeah they should be back they are getting Abrianas cake now when they get back I will text Michael to bring her back and then at 11 I am going to tell the fans I have a girlfriend the fan I met at the pet shop I kinda had to tell because I put a picture of Abriana on Twitter with a smiley face but she hasn't told anyone"I explained

"Ok honey well get the puppy out of the kitchen now and get the table clear for the cake"Mum said

I did as I told then with in 2 minutes Luke Ashton and Carlo-who I forgot was with Luke and Ashton maybe because I am not use to being around him and I am just use to Luke and Ashton- got back.

"We are here"Ashton said bringing the cake in and setting in on the table

"PUPPY"Luke yelled picking it up

"Yeah I got Abriana a puppy her name is Rosey when her and Michael was at the pet shop she seen it and loved it so I got it"I explained looking at the cake

The cake read Happy Birthday Abriana We Love You then a heart in nice writing.

"Ok so I am going to text Michael to come back Luke get Rosey in her cage and take the stuff he has and put it somewhere else where Abriana wouldn't go when she comes back Ashton put the cake in the fridge and mum just keep cooking"I demanded

10 minutes later Michael and Abriana came through the door.

"Babe I missed you "I said in a higher voice excited to see her

I don't know why but every time I am even 5 minutes away from her I miss her a lot

"Hehe I missed you too Calm"Abriana said hugging and kissing me




Sorry this is a kind of boring chapter but it has got pretty long


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