Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


13. Day With Mikey

Michael p.o.v

Finally I have a little time alone with Abriana to talk to her. I will admit I do really like but no where as much as Calum I think Calum is in love with her he just doesn't know it yet. I can tell she loves him also. I just need to talk to her to get stuff right and not go on with this tension. I am really surprised Calum let me be with her today alone.

"So where do you want to go"I asked

"I don't care"Abriana said sounding a little mad

"Uh are you okay"I asked

"Yeah I am just with someone who almost ruined every with someone I think I am in love with and I just really don't want to be here right now"Abriana said walking faster in front of me

"Abriana...ABRIANA"I said running up to her grabbing her arm

"WHAT Michael"Abriana said almost crying

"What do you want for me we both messed up it wasn't just me you know"I said holding her arm

She pulled until I let her go.

"Michael I don't know about this stuff I haven't been to public school in 4 years I haven't been able to leave the house in 4 years I had to sneak out if I left I have never had a boyfriend I was never aloud to have friends I didn't know what I was doing I still don't"Abriana said starting to tear up

Even though I am mad at her it breaks my heart to see her upset.

"THAT'S JUST IT you do know you are smarter about this stuff than you are letting off even though you have been hurt physically and emotionally you know more than you are saying and I know it maybe you are up to date with all the technology and music you do know about relationships and love you seen it when you were a kid with your parents and answer this just with yes or no did people the at the school you went to until you were 13"I asked

"Yes"Abriana said teary eyed and quietly

"See you know about love and you are saying you are in love with someone you do know trust me know I didn't mean to make you cry but I needed to make you realize it"I said looking down at her crying into her hands

I wasn't sure if I should even touch her. I'll just wait. I waited for a minute and couldn't take it anymore. By now she was crouching down at the ground crying,

"Abriana I didn't mean to make you so upset"I said crouching down beside her putting my hand on her hot back

"It isn't you at made me upset Michael it's the fact that it is true I just didn't admit it to myself"Abriana said wiping her

"Someone had to make you see it"I said holding her in my arms

Abriana continued to cry for a while.

"Hey listen look at me okay"I said in her ear

She looked up at me with red eyes and cheeks and a wet hot face.

"I really am honestly sorry it was partly well mostly my fault because how it appeared to any stranger they would think we are together and to be honest what was going through my mind was you and Calum weren't serious and I wanted you and yeah I still am kinda upset but all I want is a happy you and you are happy babe I can see it is your eyes and Calum yeah Calums in love no doubt and I just need you to be happy forever because if you are happy that makes me happy"I said genitally wiping her face to wipe away her tears

I seen a slow smile curl up on her red cheeks.

"Thank you Michael I love you"Abriana said standing up as I did and hugging me

Not exactly the type of I love you I want her to say to me. It was more of a best friend or brother sister type I love you but that's okay because girlfriend or like a sister I love her too either way.

"I love you too little one"I said putting my face into her shoulder

I felt her pulling away a little so I let go even though I didn't want to.

"Haha everyone has there nicknames for me you now have little one Lukes is darling"Abriana said smiling

"We all have different feels about you as in Luke and Ashton are going to be like the over protective brothers then but Luke and I would be the one you can tell absolutely anything to then obviously Calum is in love with you"I said

"Unfortuantly"I said under my breath

"What"Abriana asked

"Nothing we have a couple more hours would you like to go to the animal shelter that's what I do when I have nothing to do sometimes"I asked

"Sure"Abriana laughed

The shelter isn't far so we just walked. I felt Abriana take my arm and wrap it around hers at one point but I didn't question it. If Calum keeps her this could get interesting.

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