Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


5. Competition

Michael p.o.v

I can't lie to myself Abriana is pretty beautiful but I couldn't do anything it is so obvious Calum is really into her and she is into him so I might as well not even think about it and move on. Besides I would feel bad for one and hurt him and I really don't want to do that. I can't imagine how our fans will react when they find out Calum and Abriana are together...well when they are actually together. I would like to think they will be fine with it like supportive and nice but that sadly won't be true. Most will be nice but I know our 5sosfam they are protective of us but some are like over protective parents so some won't be so happy.

"Michael what are you doing"Abriana asked knocking me out of my thinking

"Wha- oh nothing just thinking"I shook my head looking around seeing we were still in the car

"What were you thinking about"Abriana said softly

Her voice oh my God. No Michael stop. I looked in the front seat and seen Luke was asleep then looked on the other side of Abriana and seen Calum was also asleep then Ashton was driving with head phones perfect chance. Should I just go for it they aren't dating anyways.

"Just uhm about you"I blushed

"Oh..."Abriana smiled moving closer to me

Okay maybe Abriana never had any type of dating experience but she is surely flirty if she knows what she is doing or not

"Why were you thinking about me like what were you thinking"Abriana said in her soft voice again
Is this what the fangirls feel like?

"Uh just about"I stopped and felt like I was in a trace and I couldn't control what I say

"How beautiful you are like your perfect"I said then realizing what I said

"No no I mean"I stopped again deciding what I should say

"Actually yeah I meant to say that because you are perfect"I said in confidently

What am I doing right now? Why am I doing this I know I will hurt Calum what is wrong with me?

"Oh haha well uhm thanks"Abriana paused smiling

"Yeah haha I'm sorry this is probably awkward"I half smiled

"What no why would it be"Abriana said sounding disappointed

"Because I said that but you and Calum and I shouldn't even be thinking that"I said feeling bad for her

"Ok I get it I did tell Ashton I may have feeling fro Calum but we are not together we aren't dating we are nothing lets just change the subject please"Abriana said a little more upset

"Ok I-I'm sorry though"I said feeling extremely horrible

"It's okay Michael I'm not mad or anything"Abriana said hugging me

Her hugs...I love them already.

Ashton p.o.v

Do they think I can't hear them? I think Calum has some competition now they must really be into each other also.


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