Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


4. Best Friends

Abriana p.o.v

Calum showed me to my room and left me to put my clothes up change and take a shower. I acted like I was putting my clothes in the closet but after he left I decided to write a bit in my journal.

I feel like Ashton is picking up what has happened to me. Calum maybe but not so much. What if he does know? What if he reads my journal? What if they get caught? What will happen to me, the same thing that happened before? I can't take anymore that's why I got to ran when I could. I wonder about the others, Kila, Bryon, Carlo, Amy, most Mary she is so young. She I just tell them to get the other out. They may not care about me or where I am but they must know I'm not there. I and Carlo got it worse than any of the others but if I am keeping them from being hurt I don't care volunteering for them and they are also younger except Carlo. They all do what they are suppose to. I don't, maybe that's why. Maybe I smart back to much. I should have a right to went they are telling me to burn Kila and Mary with a lit cigarette, but I of course then get beat with broken arms of chairs and cut with knives. I'd give anything in the world for my old life back. I'd give anything for my parents back. 

I then heard someone getting closer to the door so I quickly closed my journal and threw my close in the closet so it looked like the close were done.

"Hey can I come in"Ashton asked through the door knocking

"Yeah come in"I said closing the closet door

"Hey so can I just talk to you for a second"Ashton asked shutting to door sitting on the bed

Oh no is he going to ask me about my scars.

"Sure about what"I asked

"So Calum what's going on with you and him"Ashton asked

"I don't know I mean I do kinda like him he was so sweet at the park but when we were all together he didn't really talk a lot"I said

"Do you know why"Ashton said smiling

"No but I think you do so tell me"I begged

"Well he doesn't know what to say I mean obviously you don't know our band you don't know one direction you really have no clue of any of todays popular things you don't have a phone no instagram twitter tumblr nothing so he has nothing to say and he is nervous he says he hasn't ever felt this way about anyone he really liked you Abriana a lot he would never tell you any of this so listen to me now he doesn't care about your past he doesn't care if you aren't like every other girl our age he doesn't care if you don't know anything of todays popular stuff he doesn't care if you don't know our band he just want likes you and you both just need to be together now because it is so obvious you both like each other so much you can see it in both your and his eyes"Ashton said with a serious look on his face

"Ashton yeah ok I fell like I need him too but I have never dated anyone I don't know how that works my foster parents would never let me date plus I was uh homeschooled so I couldn't"I said sadly

"Abriana that doesn't matter at all ok that's not bad it might actually be better for both of you because doesn't have to reach a goal of perfection in other words he doesn't have to be better than your last boyfriend because you haven't had a boyfriend just please think about it I talked to his mother about you a bit after I explained about things she says she can see he really liked you too that's why she let you stay if she couldn't see he does really car about you she wouldn't have let you stay please I'm serious think about it I'm not saying he is madly in love with you I'm also not saying date him now I'm saying if he asked you out or kissed you or anything don't think he is using you he honestly really likes you ok"Ashton nodded with big eyes

"I'll think about it okay yeah I never felt this caring and loved and loving feeling about anyone but my parents but this feeling is different so yeah I get it he likes me and truly I suppose I like him too"I smiled

Ashton stood up and changed the subject.

"Good now get a shower and dressed our other friends Luke and Michael and band mates as well are coming over in a hour or so then we are going to go out to the amusement park and eat"Ashton said making his way to the door

"Ok I'll get ready"I smiled

I watched Ashton leave then thought to my self. I feel Ashton and will be as close as Carlo and I like best friends or really just treat each other as family and possibly the other boys too I hope they like me. I wonder what the other guys will be like? We will just wait to find out I suppose. I decided to not think to much about it and over think like a usually do and picked out some clothes to wear for after I get out of the shower hoping all I picked out matched and looked ok together because I really have to guess here I mean I don't know.

(Abriana wore this);_ylt=A0PDoKvO2GFSvh8AQyqJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTFzcWIwNnZuBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANiNzgzNDc1YmZkZTAwNDM0ZmM5ZDM2ZDA3OGI1MDA0MARncG9zAzIxNQ--?

After I got out of the shower I put my clothes on a used the hair dryer Calum put in my bathroom to dry my hair which was naturally straight but probably looked horrible when I met Calum because it was in bun and wasn't washed in days  (yes the bathroom is connected to her room she is staying in) .Then I went downstairs to hear 4 different laughs so I was guessing the other boys were here already. I seen Calum turn his head with everyone else following him. I blushed a little because the other boys smiled a little but Calum had a huge smile on his face as he stood up and walked to the stairs.

"You look...just...beautiful"Calum said breathing out beautiful

"Thanks"I blushed again

After that I was introduced to Luke and Michael. Luke was kinda shy but Michael wasn't that shy but his hair but blue so that was pretty cool.

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