Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


19. Adventure

Michael p.o.v

I woke up to two new messages and Luke. I read she asked for someone to come over and Luke went. I spiked up my hair and put on a oversized sweater and jeans and went down stair to get my keys and of course my parents were at work already. I made my way down the road then began to wonder about the fans and Abriana. While I stopped at a stop light I checked Abrianas social media and wow our fans work fast. I pulled into Calums driveway and knocked on the door getting let in my Carlo.

"He- whoa what happened here why do you all look like you were crying"I asked

"We are were crying Michael"Abriana said

"Oh why what happened"I asked kind of concerned

"Do you want to tell him or do you want Calum or I to tell him"Luke asked

"Uhm...I don't want to talk about it that much so yeah Luke just tell and Ashton if he comes over is like 2 sentences"Abriana said

"Ok so Abriana got overwhelmed at 13 started selfharm and she took Calums moms knife and cut herself I found it we through it in the river about 10 minutes ago the end"Luke asked quickly

I was in shock but I could tell she just wanted to move past it and not talk about it so I just hugged her.

"So what are we doing today"I asked changing the subject

"Well I have my ideas but is Ashton coming is he even awake"Abriana asked

"I'll text him he doesn't usually sleep later than me so I don't know where he is"I said

I texted Ashton and waited a few minutes

"So what are your ideas"I asked

"Well I and Carlo would like to get the kids out of the house to be honest I mean we could do it ourselves but just inviting you guys I guess I can't imagine how much more those kids are getting beat now that Carlo and I aren't there to take a beating for them"Abriana said

"Thanks for the invite"I said

"Michael...ahhhhh"Abriana said shaking her hands

I make her so mad its so funny.

"Oh Ashton texted"I said read the message

"Ok its say sorry I was with Harry today we went tot he park and he insisted I stay off my phone what are we doing today can Harry come I haven't spent much time with him but I want to go out with you guys today "I read pausing at first then saying something else

"Harry is his little brother by the way"I said

"No his brother can not come no way just tell him that you guys will hang out and Carlo and I will get the kids out"Abriana

"What no absolutely not I will not let you two do this on your own especially you Abriana"Calum said

"Yeah I won't either no way"Luke said

"Me too I have to help you guys"I said

"Just tell Ashton to stay with his brother today then"Abriana said

"Ok"I said texting him back

Abriana p.o.v

No way would I let another child into the danger of mother and father. I really would prefer no one but Carlo and I went because we know how they work buti know none of the guys will take no for a answer.

"He still hasn't texted me back"Michael said after we waited for 5 minutes on Ashton to answer

My phone buzzed on the kitchen counter.

"He texted me"I said getting my phone

I read the message in my head.

Abriana I will not let you and the guys go to that house please don't get the police involved please I don't want you going there I am begging you I don't want you hurt anymore Luke just texted me about your selfharm thing too and I am sorry but back to the house please tell police what is going on they will fix it you can't get the kids out by yourselves and if you do go I am going it is far to dangerous and I don't agree with it but I will go so what are you going to do and of course I will leave Harry out of this I wouldn't put my brother in danger xxx-ash

 Well he obviously doesn't want mef to go but I can't scare those kids with police they are already terrified of mother and father and I need to do my best to keep them together they all love each other so much. I texted Ashton back telling him to just be here as soon as possible

"Well the plan"Carlo asked

"We will put on together when Ashton gets here"I said

With in 20 minutes it was Ashton.

"Hey"I said

"Whats worng"I asked

"I am not happy about this"Ashton said crossing his arms

"We are using the police"I said

"I'm listening"Ashton said

"Ok so we got to get to the police involved but I have a idea I don't want to stare the kids so lets just go to the police and talk to them

-10 minutes later in the car then in the police department-

"Ok explain again you want to do what to get the kids out of the house"A un-named cop asked

"I don't want to scare my brothers and sister with police busting in so is there any way my boyfriend and his friends could distract them while my brother Carlo and I sneak the kids out ok here is my idea Luke Ashton Michael and Calum distract my adopted mother and father while Carlo and I sneak in the back door that I have a key to and go up stairs and get the kids out and cops will be across the road in a normal looking car so they don't think anything is up and I or Carlo will have a tiny microphone or something telling you to come in and we have the kids out so no one gets hurt can that happen"I asked

"Wow kid you have quiet the imagination I must say let me talk to my boss and partner Kenny about this oh I'm mike by the way just call me Mike I don't go by those cop names Kenny doesn't either"Mike said

We waited impatiently for 10 minutes for Mike to get back

"Ok kid As you might know it is fire session fires are starting like crazy so your boyfriend and one of this friends are going to go under cover I recommend that one because he doesn't have crazy hair or a lip piercing he looks more professional "Mike said pointing to Ashton

"And here is your microphone wear it on your shirt we looked up this house you said and he see there is a gate around the house therefore you will take one of these boys the crazy hair or the lip piercing and they will need to get over the fencing to unlock the gate if there happens to be a lock on it"Mike paused

"There is now after my sister left they locked everything"Carlo said

"Ok so you will need one of these boys to break the lock we will give you a tool to break it easy without making noise then you will need crazy hair lip piercing your brother and you to get these kids these kids will recognize you and your brother but not the other two so you boy need to tell these kids you know Abriana if these kids still do not come with you then you need to get Abriana and her brother to help you guys you two will be also be using microphones if you need Abriana and her brother to help you wear them on your shirts I and Kenny will be in a Tahoe across the road when you have all the kids out and to a safe place but make sure they are not near windows so your adoptive mother and father do not see them or you now that I think about it you all should be wearing in ear pieces to hear when the kids are out because as soon as the kids out your boyfriend and the curly hair needs to get out of the house as well so lets go over this Abriana you and the two boys will be wearing microphones two communicate with us and each other these are very good so we will hear you at the littlest whisper and maybe even here the mother and father you all will wear in ear pieces so as soon as you hear the kids are out wrap in up and say you are done and have to go ok then we will come in"Mike explained the plan

"Ok"I said

"Ok everyone that is wearing microphones come ride with Mike and I everyone else take your normal car"Kenny said

I Luke and Michael got in the Tahoe and waited as the cops put the in ears on Calum and Ashton then we began our drive

"So why exactly do we have to ride with you guys"Luke asked

"Because we have to make sure the microphone still picks up in our car when we get there"Mike explained

"So we get the in ears and microphones when we get there"Michael asked

"Yes"Kenny said

"Oh this is it"I said

"This is a nice house in a nice neighbourhood no wonder no one ever things anything is going on here I must admit I knew the road the house was on and I at first didn't believe abusers lived here"Kenny said

"Ok clip these to the top on your shirt and put these in your ears and talk see if pick up"Kenny said handing us the ear pieces and microphones

"Uhm hello"I said

"I can hear her"Luke said

"Me too"Carlo and Michael said

"Ok you guys talk too"Mike said

We did the test then we got our mission started Mike started us off by Michael Carlo Luke and I running to the gate then tell Luke and Calum to get their costumes on and knocking on the door

I could hear a loud scream of a little girl and it sounded like Kila and I could hear Marys cry and of course fathers shut up stupid your next. I felt tears come to my eyes and fall down my cheeks until Luke put his hand on my back

"Hey it's ok darling we are going to get the kids out okay do you want us to do it you can go back to Mike and Kenny"Luke said the pulling me into a tight hug

I cried a little for a few seconds but then felt a sudden boost of energy and power

"No I can do this I know I can let do this"I said drying my eyes

"Luke get over the fence you are good at climbing"Michael said

We waited for Luke to break the lock and I got my key out for the back door from my pocket

"Ok you can see the front door from the back are they there"I asked

"Mother is she is calling father now"Carlo said

"WHAT I was busy"Father scared

"Honey this is Calum and Ashton they are here to inspect the house for free for any fire hazards"Mother said

"Do they always act like that"Luke asked

"When they have people over we are the picture perfect family"I explained

"So we will need you two to fall around the home so we can point out any fire hazards to both of you"Ashton said

"Right come on honey lets take them to the dining area first ok"Mother said

I could see Calum come in last from the door saying to go in now. I unlocked the door and we ran upstairs quietly.

"Abriana"Kila said in excitement cleaning blood from her stomach

"Shh we are getting you and you're brothers and sisters out ok follow me quietly outside do not make a sound ok my friends and Carlo are here too getting the others"I explained

I ran downstairs with her and put her in the back on the house outside where there are no windows and waited for the others

Luke p.o.v

Ok I see the boy I think I read his name was Bryon

"Bryon is that your name"I asked

"Uhm yes who are you"Bryon asked

"I am a close friend of Carlo and Abriana they are getting the other kids out actually Kila is already out with Abriana come with me we are going to get you kids out ok you can trust me you are going to see Kila and Abriana outside"I said putting my hand out for him to can with me

"Ok"Bryon said

"Ok be really really quietly ok"I said

"Ok lets go"Bryon said

I lead Bryon downstairs and found Abriana and stood with her

Michael p.o.v

I have a very little girl names Mary I think i mean it is on her too small dress

"Hi Mary i am Michael i am a good friend of Abriana and Carlo they are outside why don't you come with me to see them ok"I said

"No i don't believe you"Mary said

"No it's ok really come on"I said putting my hand out

"No Abriana left and Carlo did too"Mary said

Carlo p.o.v

"Amy come on we are getting you out of here lets go everyone is downstairs except Mary she is with my good friend her is getting her Abriana is downstairs too lets go be quiet though"I said

"Carlo you shouldn't be doing this go now"Amy said

"Amy lets go please now"I said

"Fine"Amy said running quietly down stairs finding everyone else

Michael is still in there what is taking him so long

Michael p.o.v

"Mary please you will go right to Carlo and Abriana and your brother and sisters please"I begged

"No"Mary said again

"Michael whats going on come on"Abriana said

"She won't come with me she says no"I said

"Ok she loves Carlo and I we are coming up just get out"Abriana said

I heard Abriana and Carlo come up the stairs and I left

Carlo p.o.v

Mary is always so stubborn i don't even know if she will come for us

"Mary sweetie come on we are going downstairs ok"I said putting my arms out

"No"Mary said

"We are going to play a game outside ok you have to extra quiet going downstairs though come on ok I'll carry you"Abriana said picking her up

"Ok"Mary said

We began walking down stairs when two brown blood shot met Abrianas and mine


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