Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


6. 17

Abriana p.o.v

Did all that really just happen? Can I just forget about all of this please? Do I actually have feelings for Michael too? Is that possible? What is happening to me?

At least we are off the subject and asking each other stuff about ourselves.

"So when is your birthday mine is next month actually I'll be 18"Michael asked

"Mine is this month but what day is it because mine is near the end of the month I just haven't celebrated in years"I asked

"Today is the 20th of October"Michael said looking at his phone

"Oh my gosh my birthday is tomorrow I'll be 17"I said A little excited

I know my birthday hasn't been anything special to anyone since I was 8 but I still get excited even if no one else is.

"We have to do something what do you want to do"Michael asked

"I don't know we don't even have to do anything"I shrugged

"No we are doing something no matter what if you haven't celebrated in years we have to do something even if I have to force you"Michael fought back

"Fine but please don't spend money on me none of you I didn't even want Calum to buy me clothes but he made me"I said

I could tell he got a little upset when I mentioned Calum is he jealous so something.

"Don't worry about us ok you just relax"Michael said hiding he got upset

"Whatever"I rolled my eyes joking

"Oh okay so uhm another subject have you ever went to like public school or what"Michael asked

I didn't really want to talk about it because it involves Brenda and James aka my foster parents but he would know something isn't right if I didn't tell him.

"Well from 5 to 8 I went to a private school that I hated by the time I was at because it was all strict and just girls and the upper classes were always to annoying to me but after I was adopted I was in a public school well kind of it was a little building for kids who couldn't really to go to school because they were to poor and there was about 60 kids that went there and the little building was in two parts and my foster dad James would teach 30 kids and my foster mother Mary would teach 30 kids but my foster mother quit by the time I was 14 but they adopted my older brother Carlo who is now 18 probably but he goes to school then comes home and teaches me and my little brother and sister but they are a lot younger the oldest is Amy she is 10 so after Carlo teaches me I teach Kila and Bryon and Carlo teaches Amy and Mary but Mary is only 4 but she is so smart already"I explained not regretting Brenda and James told me not to tell anyone the kids name or their names so they will shoot me

"Oh that sounds...complicated I'm sorry you have to do all that"Michael looked down

"No it's fine it is the only time I get to see my brother and sisters without seeing them bea-I mean without being interrupted"I said almost telling Michael what is happening

"Uh yeah then I guess that would be okay"Michael said quickly shutting up

"Sooooo my birthday"I changed the subject

"Oh yeah I have to get you something so we the boys so you will probably switched between us tomorrow morning"Michael said going along

I began to get really cold and told Michael and he just put me in his arms.

I fell asleep after that because we had about 45 minutes still to go but when I woke up about 30 minutes later Michael was cuddling me in his arms still and Calum seen me wake up but looked at me really madly great now I feel bad but what did I do anyways?

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