if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


8. Trick... Or Treat

"Angel?", I ask her, I can imagine a beautiful skinny lady with long golden hair flowing  past her hips and two wings glide her up in the sky,

"Am I related to an angel?" I ask Miss Amber eagerly,

"No, but I think she might be your... Forget it, I'll show you face to face" She says smiling,


Miss Amber wakes me up and we get our of the car and the cold air blows in my face, I snuggle closer into miss Amber's arms

We walk up a marble pathway and the house looks like something out of Hansel and Gretel fairy tale,

"Why is this house decorated like this?" I ask miss Amber,

"Its Halloween! You should go trick or treating" She says,

I remember last Halloween when I had to open the door to the kids who came dressed up with their parents and I gave them all the sweets. They thought my ragged 'witch' costume was the best ever. 

It wasn't a costume. It was me. Don't laugh at me.

Then there were the horrible teenage boys who threw the tomatoes at me and they were shocked when I burst into tears but all I wanted was for people to not laugh at me,

"I don't want to go Halloween" I say and suddenly Miss Amber shrieks and there is blood all over her. Screaming I shrink back and there they are there. Behind her and they look furious, deranged... Insane. They grab my wrists and haul me back into a black van. My dress skimps up and my hair flails around my face,

"I don't want to go back! Let go of me! I want to go trick or treating, please let go, that hurts!" I scream and a curtain open from one of the windows of the house and a woman looks out. Her hair is black and curly and she gasps and goes back into the shadows. Miss Amber lays on the ground and she sobs helplessly. The door of the house opens and the woman from the window ran to Miss Amber. As I get shoved into the back of the black van, I hear someone scream,


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