if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


3. Taunting

I woke up. Lovely phrase. Beautiful. I woke up. No one slapped me to wake up or pushed me down the stairs. I just woke up. I waited for someone to come and push me off. 

Nothing. Not a sound.

"YES!" I whispered. It was my lucky day. They have forgotten to set their alarm for the morning and I get to have the beautiful morning for myself. I carefully, silently, slip out of bed and crawl to the lock of the door. It obediently locks without making a fuss and I grin from ear to ear, my teeth showing. I slip back to my bed and open the window above the bed then like usual I creep out on the roof and sit on the cushion set beforehand. I make sure that the window doesn't lock itself because then I'd be stuck up on the roof until someone comes in the garden. I remember last time and shudder. Anyway back to the roof. It was a blue clear sky and the sun hadn't come out. The sky blushed furiously, welcoming the sunrise and I lie on my back, watching as the sun rises gracefully. My tears fall down and drip on to the dry tiles on the roof. To experience how it feels to have the warmth embrace you, first handedly. As the sun came out, it's fire streaks burned the air, sending heat waves out to make many people smile,

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" A voice says. I don't need to look around to know that it's Sam. Sam is my friend. He disappears and appears out of nowhere and for some reason no-one else can see him apart from me. The social worker said all kids have imaginary friends but I know that Sam is very real,

"Sam, you came back" I reply, still staring the sun,

"Of course I did" He says, calmly. Sam never gets angry or annoyed. "But if you don't unlock that door and pretend to be asleep then you know what will happen"

I don't say anything. I wanted to enjoy the sun and nature. The trees that sway as if saying hi. The plants that showed their color, willingly. The water flowing through the river, the sound, the beauty, everything. It was so natural. I can't go now, what if I don't live tomorrow? I shake my head at Sam and lie on his lap but he pushes me back in through the window and climbs back down, himself. Tears pour out my eyes,

"Why can't I enjoy my life? Why is it me who has to suffer? Why am I so... Unloved!" I whisper, over and over again. Sam looks at me, pitying me. I hated pity. I want love but I never get it. I curl up on my bed and Sam pulls the sheet of thin fabric over me. It's no point. The sheet won't protect me from the attic's coldness,

"This week wasn't horrible, was it?" Sam asks. I bite my lip in order to get my damp eyes stop leaking. I think, well...

"On Monday, I forgot to put two spoons of sugar in the tea so they locked me up in this room and turned the Ac on until the room was minus two degrees" I say and remember how I screamed for help as my clothing, (A black rag dress), which only covered enough of my body to call, 'decent', turned blue. My lips had turned blue and I begged on my knees for mercy. But if their is one lesson I learnt it's, 'This world has no mercy'. I have seen kids, laughing with their parents and kids moaning that they didn't get a gift for Halloween. How? How could 'god' give me such a life and not them? Sam coughs and my mind lands to earth,

"She's coming up the stairs" He says and disappears. I sob, silently and freeze when I hear footsteps. I quickly wipe my tears away and wrap the sheet around me. The door slams against the ground and She climbs up the remaining stairs. I can hear her walk towards me and she slams her foot in my back. I yelp in agony. She grins, happy to hear my pain,

"We overslept today" She says, running her fingers through her hair, "Why didn't you wake us up?" Another slam in my shin, this time. The he came in and kissed her on the cheek, 

"Why are you wasting time on this piece of dump?" He asked, soothingly,

"You know what? I have no idea but I feel like torturing I want to punch her, kill her." She says, clenching her fists. I open my mouth to speak but he lifts me up and throws me down the stairs. I was flying in the air and it felt rather good until I slammed onto the last step corner. I scream in agony but I know that I must stay silent. I am hungry. Normally, I would have sneaked in and pinched a chunk of cheese and a slab of bread but today her highness has decided she wants to hurt me. A lot. My back hurts. I can't stand up even when I put my all into it. I slouch back down and wait for my breath to come back to normal,

"Let's put her in the boiler, then" He says. I gasp, quietly. That was the worst torture by far. The scorches from last time are still there on my skin. I rub my arm and pray to god. Stupid phrase because I don't believe in god. After all God gave me this hell,

"No, The boiler is off today but I think we can do the spider coffin, today" He says and I take fast deep breaths. Please god. I'm sorry I said I don't believe you. Please don't god. Please. I'm only a child. I can't do this. I don't want to be stuck in a coffin for the whole day. With spiders. Sam won't even be able to talk to me. God? Are you there? GOD! 

But none is avail. 

He drags me back up the stairs and I hold his leg and beg to go,

"Please, don't. I'll never wake up late again. Please! I'll do anything else!" I cry and sob but she takes me of him and blindfolds me. Oh god. Do you exist? I don't want to live. Please let me die now. Please. I get pushed on the bed while they set up the coffin. Well she goes to get the coffin and he stays upstairs in case I run away. I know this. I can hear his excited breath. I wriggle and think of an escape route,

"You want to escape, right?" He says. I  nod, frantically, "Say what you think of me then" He says. They are so cruel. But I don't have a plan,

"I love you so much that I still want to live with you even if you let me go away" I say, tears pouring out and scratching my eyes with nowhere but the blindfold to sink into. I know he's smirking. He giigles like a boy and I let out ragged sobs. He snorts out, laughing like a totally mad pig,

"Well, I'm sorry but I hate you" He says and pinches my chest. I squeal and cover my body. She rushes in and he takes me off the bed. As routine, She ties my hands behind me and he ties my legs. I keep begging to let me go and god seems to be too busy. She sighs, irritated and ties my mouth with super glue sellotape. I can't breath. I try fainting so I can wake up after everything is over but I can feel them lift me into the coffin. Just the coffin is fine but then they let out two spiders as well. Then the lights go out. The coffin case is closed too. Do you know what spiders do when they are scared? They run around trying to figure their way out and make webs. I was more scared and I could feel the silkiness of the coffin. Wow, even the dead sleep better than me. The loss of oxygen is frustrating but with what I have i take small breaths and yelp in my mind as I fell a spider crawl up my legs and in my dress. Let me tell you something else. You don't know how it is to only wear a brown dress. Only. I can feel the spiders scuttling around and the second one is making a web on my leg. So today I learned another few lessons:

 1) Spiders don't show mercy

2) Never stay up late

3) My life will never be mine





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