if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


4. silence

This morning was worse that any I've gone through. My cousins came around so I have to wear a nightie that was new but it only came up to my knees and it was humiliating. My cousins hate me because they are posh and neat and I'm dirty and scummy. Nevertheless I smiled when everyone came in and stood near the radiator, trying to warm up myself,

"Wow, those are a lot of marks" My uncle says, pointed and my beaten and broken knees,

"It's trying to learn how to ride a bike" he says,  (I will not call him dad)

"She, dear, it's a she" She said (I WILL NOT CALL HER MUM)

After that I had to go to my room with my cousin while the other cousin bragged on about school to the adults. I led my cousin up the stars and tried to make a conversation,

"What is your name?" I asked gently and I didn't think she heard but soon she said,

"Sky, my name's Sky. What's yours?"

"My name is... Umm... It's... Louise" I said carefully. Louise. What a beautiful name. If only I was actually called that.

Sky gave me a weird look and looked into my room.

"Is this your room?! Wow, your mum and dad hate you, don't they?" Sky exclaimed. I jumped in front of her and closed the room.

"NO! That's not my room, obviously, er, my room is well, under refurbishment" I smiled nervously and she glanced at me then nodded,

"okay then. Okai" Sky stopped in the kitchen and reached into one of the cupboards. I wanted to scream at her to stop. Don't touch anything because I will be blamed for it but it was so beautiful to have someone to talk to in years. Without them screaming at me,

"Want some chocolate?" She asked me and I stared at the brown square piece in her hand,

"Yes, please. Here, I'll break it" I say, grinning, for the first time in six years. She smiles, shyly and hands me the chocolate block. I take it and feel the smooth, brown block in my hand. Then everyone comes in. She(mum) and he(dad) stare at me, glared at me. And you know what it looks like? It looks like, I went into the cupboard and took the chocolate block and then tried to make Sky eat it. All because the chocolate is in my hand. Sky will tell them the truth though. That she's the one who took it so it's fine. But that doesn't happen. She,(mum?!), screams at me,

"WHY ARE YOU STEALING THE FOOD?! YOU DIRTY LITTLE THIEF!!" I huddle in a corner and then remember that Sky will stick up for me,

"It's Sky. Sky did it! Sky went through the cupboards and took the chocolate!"

Sky's parents look at Sky, aghast and my parents, I mean them, looked at Sky too,

"What?! I didn't do it! Mother, father, this girl's lying!!" Sky says, dramatically, sobbing as well. 

I don't understand how she does it! Well, guess who they all believed? Yup, pretty, agile, Sky, she tricked them with her innocence of a devil. My, so called, parents glare at me for lying and drag me off into the attic. I wait in the cold floor and pray that my cousins are staying the night because as soon as they leave, my hell will start. But as always, nothing goes how I want. So off my cousins go and I could hear Sky screeching with laughter as she left in her limousine,

"We could have been famous and unimaginably rich like them, if we hadn't had you!" He says. I look up at him and as the tears well up in my eyes, I help but think, are all fathers and mothers like this?

"You're just a waste of time! A waste of space! Why don't you go die?!", I look at her and sob. We could have been a perfect family so why? Why did we meet at the completely twisted side? Do you think I want to be born for this? You know, you all have it so easy. You have a bed to lie in, you have delicious food to tuck into and at the screech of a vehicle you'll go shopping whenever you want.

By the time, I'm finished crying, they've gone. I think they were feeling tired today. 

It's not like I don't have anyone to talk or have fun with. One in six months, there's this woman called Pauline who takes me away for the day because she's a social worker and my granddad payed them to keep checking up on me until I was sixteen. Sixteen?! Are you crazy, I have to put up with this until I'm sixteen?! No!

I throw a brick near me at the window, raging, and it smashes through. The shattered glass comes back down into the room and one rips open a small part of my leg.

"Ouch!" I cried out loud and then slowly, gently take the glass shard out, wincing. The bottom of the glass has my blood from my leg.

"Don't steal my blood!" I say, giggling.


"Granddad! I want to go on the climbing frame!" I say, laughing,

"No! It way too dangerous!" He replies, chuckling,

"Please, please, please, granddad!", I beg and he picks me up. I cower away from the sunrays,

"Okai, I'll lift you to the top but for gods sake, be careful!!",

"Yesss!!" I say, happily. Granddad picks me up and seats me at the top of the climbing frame. I climb up and up the frames, easily, socked by my agility,

"Stop! You're going too high!" I hears a worried granddad cry out but I didn't care anymore because it was just so easy and felt so good to climb higher. The wind ruffled my fringe and suddenly the top came to an end,

"I'm done!" I cheer, happily. But then I looked down at granddad. He was so so far away and I could barely see him anymore,

"GRANDDAD!! I'M SCARED!" I scream. Then I slowly make my way down but I can't feel a rope to climb down onto and I lose my footing,

"SOMEOOONE!! HEEEELP!" I screech and I land with a thump onto the ground and the last thing I hear before I faint is,

"Don't steal her blood, earth". Granddad had just caught me.


See? I know how to laugh. I'm not boring. Don't go. Stay with me. Granddad? Are you there?

I'm always with you

Thank you then. The cigarette marks hurt again granddad. It hurts everywhere.

Go to sleep, princess. Sleep the pain off.

Okay then. Goodnight.

Goodnight, Princess



Sorry for the loooong wait, guys!!! But thank you all so much for reading, liking and favouring! I promise to update the next chapter, quickly! Thank all of you for reading though!!

Branz2000 xXx

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