if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


6. Run

I groan as I wake up in a chair. No a vibrating chair? No, not even that. Wait... A car? I haven't got my seat belt on though I bet. Miss Amber! Where is she. I scrabble up to be pushed back down by two hands from either side. Oh, I'm not blind, I'm blind-folded and I cant move my arms because they are tied behind me. Did my parents finally get tired of me? Are they going to chuck me off a cliff? I've seen that in movies enough to know where that ends.

"Hello?" I whisper tentatively,

"Boss, the kids are all awake" A deep, mans voice says. So there's more kids! I wonder how many of them have met a 'lovely' Miss Amber. The car chair is really soft though and the smell of faint bleach and cinnamon wafts around. I drowsily sit, fidgeting. I've  long lost track of time and every so often when I try to sit up straight I get either pushed down heavily or pinched,

"Why wont you let me sit up straight!" I yell and someone kicks me in the shin when there is already a cigarette burn mark right there. A surge of pain goes up my spine and I shiver and then... start howling. Someone pinches me again and I get slapped but that increases the pain and I howl louder. The car brakes to a stop and someone gets out. I get pushed out and I hear Miss Amber say,

"Okay, enough is enough! Give me my money and I'll be off!"

"Be off? Dearie, we need for a little bit more and what if you tell the nick? No, no, you stay with us until your time is done" Someone else says and it sounds like there is something in his mouth. I fall to my knees and whimper and I hear another kid cry,

"What do you mean? You swore! You lied, you cheat!" Miss Amber cries out,

"You know what I mean, Angel cake, now come back to the front seat with me like a good girl and I'll see if you can get your own room" The strange man says,

I can hear Miss Amber screaming around for help but if we are on the motorway then no one will hear her,

"Grandpa" I whimper and my hair goes into face. A foul smell hits my nose and I scratch at the earth beneath my hands,

"Run, princess, RUN", who, grandpa? No, I can run, I will run.

I get onto my feet and run for it, blundering around rocks like the blind mice in that funny rhyme, only it isn't so funny now.

I'm not a mouse

I'm not blind

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