if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


5. Never. Trust.

"And don't delay with bringing everything over here" She tells me as I shuffle out of the room. So this is the fate of my beautiful, sunny Sunday. I have to get out of bed and go shopping. Not the fun shopping. The boring shopping but I do get to wear my top and jeans. They are a little scruffy but I'm happy to not have to wear my skimpy dress. Shoving on the clothes I take the purse with the money and tip tap out of the front door. As soon as I go outside, the warm summer breeze hits my face and instantly brings out a smile on my grubby face. I couldn't do much about being a little grubby but I tried to do my hair in lanky pigtails but my fringe stubbornly wisps into my eyes. It covers up my purple bruises though,

"Where are you skipping off to, madam?" A kind voice asks me I look up but the sun stays adamantly bright for me to see anything, slowly my eyes adjust to see a young woman with rosy cheeks, smiling,

"I'm off to shop, Miss", I reply, returning her smile with a shy one,

"Well, let me accompany you then, eh?" She says and I don't exactly have a choice as she walks firmly by my side until we reach the shops,

"moorkut... pluk-ee" I read out, looking at the shop name,

"Market place actually, dear! Where did you learn to read at such a young age!" She asks,

"Are you going to hit me?" I ask her anxiously,

"Hit who? You? Oh my giddy gosh, who hits you dear?" The lady asks and I start to panic,

"No one but you might" I tell her, stumbling,

"why might I?" She asks and I want to spit in her face for being so persistent,

"I don't know but I need to get shopping or mum might be late... for... work" I reply,

"Your mum needs food for work?"

"I meant to cook!"

The lady smiles at me gently and I relax again,

"I'm sorry for making you jumpy, do you want to know who I am?" She asks and I nod slowly,

"I'm miss Amber but the kids call me Amy and the tiny ones just go for mum" She says chuckling,

"How many kids do you have?" I ask, more relaxed now. Her voice is so soft like honey slowly pouring...

"My own kids! No, haha, I'm a social worker, dear! But you could say I'm like a mum anyway!" Amy says laughing. I look at her laughing and giggle.

'I know you are probably around fourty years old but I wish you were my mum', I think, smiling at her,

"Tell you what, I have a few of these groceries spare in my little car, do you want a few of them? It might save you some time!" Amy says and I nod earnestly.

She holds out her hand which I take and we walk away from the hubbub of the market, through a quiet alleyway and into another alleyway,

"Why is your car so far away, Amy?", "Amy, I said, why is your car so...",

"Hush now, dear, not everyone likes sound, now give me some peace and quiet while I figure out which car is the one from the message...",

"What message? I whisper and I get a feeling that this isn't such a good idea. I try to wriggle out of her grasp but she was stronger than I expected for an old lady and when I began to squirm she picked me up and threw me over shoulders,

"Put me down! PUT ME DOWN!" I scream but she simply puts some kind of cloth over my face and I scream again but suddenly fall into a hypnotic sleep.

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