if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


2. my fourth birthday- a memory

I loved life then. My granddad took me to his house at the time and it was like living a paradise. Now that I look back on it, I think granddad knew that when he was gone all I loved and my life would be gone...

But I didn't know then. 

I woke up to the sound of birthday bells ringing. Granddad lifted me out o bed and twirled me around. I squealed delighted and kicked my tiny legs,

"Good morning, My Birthday Princess" He said, smiling,

"Mornin', dadda" I replied grinning. 

granddad placed me back on my bed and pushed my slippers onto my minute feet, even though though we had heated floors back then. I sat down, leaning on the bed with my hands, waiting in anticipation,

"Wait a minute, aren't we missing something?" Granddad said, questioning me

"you didn't!!" I screamed, excitedly. I ran to the living room and screamed at the top of my lungs, (which luckily wasn't that loud), while I grabbed up the three parcels, carefully wrapped in colored paper,

Granddad cam over and kneeled beside me,

"open them, Princess" He said, grinning from ear to ear

I opened the smallest parcel first, the paper fell down, revealing the most cutest pair of clothes ever. The blouse was flowing and it went up to my knees. It had an Orange, flowery pattern and if I think really hard then I can almost smell the flowery odor. Along with it, there was an adorable orange tights with a bow at each side. I hugged granddad and he handed the next gift. I ripped the cover off like a mad dog and gasped at what I saw. The beautiful ring was breathtaking. It was the orange of fire and outlining the stones like guards was the pure 24 carat gold lining. I stared at it. It was perfect. Almost too good to be true.

I grabbed granddad's cotton sweater and whispered, 'I love you' at least a million times,

'I love you too princess' He whispered and I knew he meant it.

The next gift was too big for me to unwrap and it was my height too so granddad carefully pulled away the sparkling cover to reveal the most gorgeous looking doll I had ever seen! I wanted to touch the doll and play with her but then the doorbell rang. I didn't normally react to doorbell's because some old loony around here was always trying to make money by selling his/her old shoes or something but granddad's face had turned a red and purple color and he clenched his fists into his palms so hard that i thought it might bleed.Granddad's facial expression had totally changed. He turned around and shoved all my presents under the house into the attic and sat me on the old sofa in the living room. Then The bell rang again. This time granddad screamed,

'Wait, you loonies!' I was shocked because, well, we didn't use than tone back then. I obviously sensed something was wrong so I curled up on the sofa and sucked my thumb and waited, patiently. The TV turned on but it wasn't because the house is haunted, it was because the TV has a loose wire. When granddad came in, the TV screen flashed blood and I screamed. Granddad came in and switched the TV off with his fist. Granddad, who didn't react at all said,

'Oh, Princess, no no'

I asked him what the problem s but I can still remember that look in granddad's eye that told me to go away so I spent the rest of the hour talking to my doll, 

'hello, my baby' and then I made her say in a high-pitched voice, 'don't worry, I love you, princess'. Then I heard a low chuckle, I looked over my shoulder to find granddad leaning against the door in my room, 

laughing and bellowing out, 'HAHAHA!!' for all he was worth. I grinned again and giggled too. I didn't understand then but now I am pretty sure that he said, 'I'm gonna miss you, princess'

Well, granddad, I miss you more


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