if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


7. Escape

The water trickles from the ceiling in time with Miss Amber's cheek, she tried talking to me but I screamed so she stopped. I close my eyes and the memory flashes in full colour

Strong arms. Red cheeks. And the rope, oh the rope. The rope that looped around my neck and choked me to death. If only I died. If only I was never born. If only I had a beautiful family. Then I would be beautiful too. I have horrible parents. So I'm horrible too.

Miss Amber coughs,

"Do not stand by my grave and weep", she whispers,

"I am not there, I do not sleep", I mutter back

We both look up in shock,

"How do you know that song?" She asks,

"I... I don't know actually" I say, it just came out, where from? Maybe its a famous poem,

"It is like a family emblem, that poem" Miss Amber says,

"Your family has a famous poet?" I ask,

"No, no one else knows it..." Miss Amber stares at me intently

"Who are your parents?" She asks

"No, I'll scream, dont come near me, I'll scream, Don't..."

Miss amber buries me in her and rocks me back and forth,

"Can you sing?" She questions,

"Hm, there is one song I love" I say smiling, she looks expectantly,

"... There is a castle on a cloud, I like to go there in my sleep

Aren't any floors for me to sweep, not in my castle on a cloud,

There are a hundred boys and girls, nobody shouts or talks too loud,

not in my castle on a cloud, There is a lady all in white, holds me and sings a lullaby

She's nice to see and soft to touch, she says, "cosette, I love you very much",

I look up at Miss Amber to see her reaction but shes fast asleep and she mutters, 'sleepy',

I giggle and curl up in her lap. In the middle of the night, a man came and dragged miss Amber away while she was screaming, I shuddered and waited for her, when she came back, she snatched me up and ran out of the place, saying, 

"I paid my price, I'm done, I am" All the way to a bright  blue car. I put my set belt on and waiting for her to turn the engine which she did and she drove away from the town, far far away.

I am still in the car and an hour has passed miss Amber looked straight at the road and quite often she clutched at her clothes, grimacing, finally she stops at theside of the countryside field and she sits in silence,

"I'm the worst aunt ever" She whispers and then she cries and cries, at first silently but then she whimpered and then wailed her heart out. I watched her then got out of the passenger seat and wiped her tears,

"You know what? If think what would make you feel better is a warm hug and then we can share your worries", I say and give her a hug from the side, she looks at me and smiles widely,

"Angel is so lucky to have you, you are the sweetest girl ever, ever" she tells me and for the first time in a long time, I feel proud. Am I finally free of the monsters that took my childhood away?

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