if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


1. Birth

They weren't the brightest parents. Actually they are so stupid that they thought she was just 'Fat' and 'obese' there used to be photos but when they found out what it was they burned the photos I think it was because they wanted to burn me out as well. Fortunately my grandparents were in the house which brings me onto a memory which granddad told me about,

'Get rid of her then just chuck her into the barbecue! No one will notice' Grandma was frantically shrieking at the couple,

They edged near the flames which were licking their feet now, closing their eyes they let go off the grip on the baby and took a deep breath out. They were free, they could be together, they didn't have an ugly daughter, they were joyful, 

'got you! STUPID PEOPLE!' Granddad caught the baby and shoved the couple into the darkness of the nearby shed. He locked them in the shed and beat grandma with a belt while holding the baby lovingly in his arms.

Granddad saved my life. But I hate him for that,

'OY! Get up stupid kid! Get out of bed and make some tea!' I sighed and rolled out of bed. Haha, I wish. I don't have a bed, I sleep in the attic on the floor and sometimes if I'm lucky the stray kitten comes along and covers me up as a blanket. 

My granddad died one day. I don't know how and It's not my job to ask. If I do then they will tie me to the sofa and grandma will beat me with her stick. I'll let you in on something. Grandma doesn't need her stick but she pretends to so she can hit me. I don't remember a single time I walked past grandma and didn't get whacked on the bottom for doing something wrong. Once she even cracked my back but they didn't take me to hospital they just left me in the attic to 'die' but luckily it wasn't a severe case otherwise I would've. See that's the thing. I don't want to die until I get revenge.

'GET UP! Grandma!' They called out. Grandma rushed up the stairs and hobbled along the corridor then she ran in and whacked me three times I stood up but soon fell down and squirmed as she kept on whacking until I fell into a concussion  To me concussion is like breathing because I need to have one every five seconds. 

When I eventually woke up I was in the garden in the back dustbins under a pile of the last months rubbish, suffocating I dug out and as soon as I stepped out 'she', (I refuse to call them mum and dad), pulled me up by my ear and tossed me across the garden I rolled in the sticky mud and ended up near the flowers in rolled once more to get up and accidentally pushed 'him' into his prized flowerbed, 

''OH! My flowers! My beautiful flowers! NO! NO!' He yelled and the neighbors looked out of their windows so I scurried into the house. He stormed after me and when he caught up with me he picked me up and smashed me back down on the ground like I was a basketball. Let me tell you something. It hurt. A LOT. I screamed in agony and carried on so he jumped on me. Well, I'm only nine so I heard a crack and this pain so painful that it felt like nothing soared through my body and overtook my soul, help please, before it's too late

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