if you tell

about a girl who hasn't got a name and story or a life actually. contains some violence


9. Alone

I sit back on my feet. The blinds on the window are down and there's a child lock on the window. There's a huge lump in my throat but the tears won't drop. Too much has happened in too little time. She sits in front and screams but the words are too thick for me to understand. He seems to just be driving. They don't even like me so why do they come after me?

Is this love?

Torturing someone and killing them from the inside to out. Making someone regret their birth. Making me believe that I am no better alive or dead.

Is this love?

There is no god and there is no hope for me. I was born as scum and my fate is to wake up to dirt and darkness every single day. Alone.

A blow on my lips shocks me back to reality and the pang of pain brings tears to my eyes. Pain. I haven't felt this in a long time. My eyes blur and my tears fall endlessly,

"You can forget seeing sunlight ever again, you crappy waste of time and space". Her words cut right through my missing heart and the harsh winter's wind howls, synchronised, with me.

Why can't you hear?

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