The Photographer

This story is about a Photographer named, Alyssa Daniels. Who begins her journey at the New York Institute of Photography as a photographer. She will go through, enemies, romance, bad grades, slick moves and so on. Just to finish college,


1. New College, New Me

I knew that I wanted to be a photographer when I was about 3 years old. That's when I got my first camera, it was just a plain Polaroid camera, back then, it was in style. I've always lived up to my dream, and, today it was coming true. I was going to the best Photography school in the country. The New York Institute of Photography. Everyone told me, I would never succeed. But they don't know, and, I'm getting a good start to this year, thanks to Mom and Dad, for getting me a Nikon d3200 as a going off to college present.


My Cab Driver was a grungy, old man, by the name of, Ronald who had grey in his hair and in his Santa Clau beard. We pulled in front of the school. "Your fare is, $21.00", he said. I handed him the money, and, shot him a smile before exiting the Cab. I looked up in amazement at how big and, beautiful the school was in person. The brochure was nothing compared to this. I quickly ran inside to the Sign In Desk. There was a lady sitting there with an earpiece, it was so professional. I walked to the desk, "Hello, I'm Rebecca, and, welcome to the New York Institute of Photography, how may I help you?" she said, looking at me with a smile. "Hi, I'm Alyssa. I'm starting off my college year and I just need my dorm." Rebecca started typing into the computer and clicked the mouse a few times. "Your dorm number is, 312. Here's your key, it may be locked if your roommate isn't here yet, enjoy it here." I accepted the key and, basically ran to the dorm room. As, I walked into the dorm, I saw a girl with long blonde hair,and, a pretty Princess face, she looked startled when she turned around. I saw she had beautiful sparkling blue eyes, and, her lips and cheeks were so pink and rosy. She was beautiful.


"Hi there, I'm Alyssa, your roommate." I put my hand out for her to shake. "I'm Jordan," she said as she shook my hand back. I smiled and walked over to my side of the dorm and, put the picture of my baby sister and me on my desk beside the bed. Jordan walked over and looked at it. "Is this your sister?" She said as she picked up the picture. "Yeah, that's her. She just turned 6 yesterday." "What's her name?" "Maria," "That's pretty," Jordan said. "I only have a pet dog, named Lucky " I laughed and she laughed also, as she walked back to her side and put a silky red shirt on a hanger, and, hung it up in her closet. It was 10:00 at night and, Jordan was out with some new friends she'd met. She still hadn't come back. 


A few minutes later, there was drunk knock on the door, I got up from the bed in my Spandex shorts and tank top, with my hair in a curled ponytail with a bow, and, my Crystal Heart necklace. I opened the door, and, there was Jordan, with a boy, I bet she didn't even know. They were making out, she didn't notice I opened the door until I tapped her shoulder. She wreaked of liquor and smoke. She stopped kissing the unknown boy and, walked inside and led him to her bed, where they fell and continued their love fest. I went back to my bed and, shut on my lamp. Since it was dark when I opened the door, I couldn't see what she was wearing. But, now that the light was on, I saw she had on no clothes at all, neither did he. It took me a while to finally figure out, she was having sex with him. A random guy she probably just met. I got disgusted and, walked out of the room, leaving the door open not caring who saw them. On the way to wherever I was going, I saw a guy, he was a beautiful guy. He had a camera around his neck, he had a hairstyle kinda like Justin Biebers, I saw his earring shine in the light, he had a muscle toned body, he was just pretty. I followed him for a while until I decided to stop him. "Hey," I called out. He turned around and, looked at me and said, "Hey,"

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