Good Girl, Meet Bad Boy

Sydney, Syd for short is the new kid in high school, she just moved to London from California and she runs into a bad boy, Harry, she starts to fall for him, is he falling for her? Read and find out!


7. This day though.

The bell indicating first period is over rings and I make my way to the choir room.

I'm minding my own business and I feel a tap on my right shoulder I look over and see nobody there.

I check over my left shoulder and what do you know theres Harry Styles.


"Yes?" I ask

"What am i not allowed to walk with my girlfriend to class now?"

"You, Harry Styles, Aspen County High School's bad boy are in choir?" I ask

"Am I not allowed to sing either?"

"You are, you just dont seem like the showchoir type"

"Well get used to it babe"

"Babe? That's new"

"I like it" he says

and by the time he finishes we are walking into the classroom.

"Good morning class" Mr. Long says

I quickly find a seat and put my stuff down

"Today we will be seperating you into your parts we will have sopranos, altos, bass, and barritones. You will sing a quick song infront of the class and I will evaluate you and put you in the according group." he says

"Uhm Sydney you will be going first  because your'e new and I haven't had the choice to hear your voice yet."

I go up there knowing exactly what song to sing.

"The song I will be singing is called '19 you and me' by Dan and Shay.

"It was our first week, Myrtel Beach where it all began.

It was 102 with nothin to do, man it was hot so we jumped in.

We were summer time sippin sippin sweet tea kissin off of your lips.

T-shirt drippin, drippin wet, how could i forget watchin that blonde hair swing to every song I'd  sing.

You were California beautiful. I was playin everything but cool, and I can still hear that sound of every wave crashin down. Like the tears we cried that day we had to leave. It was everything we wanted it to be, the summer of 19 you and me.

We had our first dance in the sand it was one hell of a souviner. Tangeled up, so in love, lets just stay right here. Till the sun starts creepin creepin up. Right then I knew just what you were thinkin, thinkin of When I looked at you.

Watvhin that blonde hair swing to every song I'd sing. You were California beautiful. I was playing everything but cool i still hear that sound of every wave crashin down, like the tears we cried that day we had to leave. It was everything we wanted it to be the summer of 19 you and me.-"

"Stop stop I've heard enough." Mr. Long said. After that my heart dropped "That was.......beautiful" he says "You will be a soprano" I let out a huge breath

I thought he was going th say i was horrible but he said i had a beautiful voice.

A bunch of other people of other people went and I began to see not just a choir but a family.

The lunch bell rang.

I walk straight into the lunch room and buy a salad and some milk, my usual lunch. I don't do it to be 'skinny' I do it because I like salad.

I find a seat at an empty table and plop down. I begin eating when I hear somebody sit next to me. You already know who it is.

"Hey" I say

"Hey, you did great in choir class, like you were a natural at perfroming. Most new chicks come in and are all timid and scared to sing but you just jumped right in like you had been here for years, not to meantion your voice its perfect"

"Uhm thanks...?" i say questioningly.

We talk about a bunch of random stuff for 35 more minutes, then the bell rings the day goes by fast after that.

Next thing I know I'm walking out to the car.





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