Good Girl, Meet Bad Boy

Sydney, Syd for short is the new kid in high school, she just moved to London from California and she runs into a bad boy, Harry, she starts to fall for him, is he falling for her? Read and find out!


4. The study "date"

I get up to see who's at the door. Well I more look out the tiny window to see.I don't want anyone especially Harry to see me like this. I look out the window and see Harry standing there. Just great!

He sees me and I signal him to give me a minute. With that I rush upstairs put my sweatpants on to cover my legs, put my makeup back on, and at least put a headband in my hair to control it.

I go back down to the front door and open it. Harry's standing there with pink roses in his hand.

"What are those for?" I ask pointing to them.

"Well hello to you too." He says stepping inside my house.

"Harry why did you bring those?" I ask him again while shutting the door.

"Well I thought since this is our first date I would bring you roses." He says holding them out to me.

"This isn't a date-"

"It is to me." He cuts me off while looking straight at me.

"Okay whatever floats your boat mister." I say while holding up my hands in defense.

I lead us into the kitchen and Harry sits at the counter on one of the stools. I grab the roses he got me and put them in a vase. Wouldn't want such pretty flowers to die now would I? No..

"Do you anything to drink or eat?" I ask while opening the fridge.

"Yeah maybe a beer or two will be fine." He replies.

 shut the fridge and look at him. Did he really just say that? Well maybe he did since he's sitting there like nothing happened.

"What?" He asks.

"Did you really just ask that?"

"Yeah." He says nonchalantly.

"Sorry but no.. I don't drink." I say walking over to him.

I lean against the counter and wait for another response.

"Fine I'll have water." He sighs.

"Okay do want any sandwiches?"

"No I'll just have some peanut butter crackers." He says.

"Fine but get over here and make them because I'm not your maid." I say getting the stuff.

I hear him let out a sigh and get up.Man he must not like doing stuff his self.

He walks over and I start the dishwater because I absolutely can not stand a mess. Just as I wash my hands off I feel two hands go on my waist.I instantly freeze.What does he think he's doing. I feel his head go on my shoulder.

"You look really cute." He whispers in my ear.

"Well I don't think you know what your doing so..." I said as I got out of his grip.

"Why'd you move?" he ask giving me a questioning look.

"I just met you today so slow down." I say.

He puts his hands up in defense. Good he should know better. I mean like I'm not one of those girls who when they just meet a guy they instantly fall in love and let him do whatever he wants.No, I have my pride and I'd like to keep it.

We just stand there for a few moments while Harry finishes up his crackers. After that we head to the living room. as I walk through the door I feel Harry touch my bum. I shriek and jump as high as I can.

"Harry?!?" I yell turning around.

I hear him let out a chuckle as I whip back around and go back into the room. When I sit down on the couch I look over and see him cracking up. I let out a sigh. This is going to be a looonng study "date".



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