Good Girl, Meet Bad Boy

Sydney, Syd for short is the new kid in high school, she just moved to London from California and she runs into a bad boy, Harry, she starts to fall for him, is he falling for her? Read and find out!


2. The first day

Beep!Beep! Beep!


Goes my alarm clock at 6 in the morning. I grunt and get out of bed. Man I hate the first day of school. Especially since it's my senior year at a new school.With everything going on in my life .... this just adds to it.


" Sydney?!?" I hear my mom yell. Great what did I do now?

"What mom?!?" I yell back.

" Oh never mind honey i was just seeing if you were up." She says a little calmer.

ever since my mom got pregnant she has been very moody and I can't stand because I'm the one she yells at!

I head into the bathroom and decide to take a shower. Might as well.

I get in and start washing my hair. Once that's done I do my body. I look down at my stomach and notice the scars. I start to tear up remembering why.

I shake my head to clear the memories. I can't do this... I gotta get ready.

I get out and go straight to my closet. Normally I would already have my outfit picked out but I was too tired to do it last night.

I scan through my clothes looking for a certain dress. Now I love this dress. It was my mom first dress that my dad bought for her. Since she outgrew it, she gave it to me. I also love this dress because it's purple and white.For the top part it's purple and white stripes. The Bottom part is just plain purple like it's flares out but not to much. Just how I like it. Then in the middle it has a white belt with a purple buckle. I don't know why I just love it. I lay the dress on my bed until I'm completely done with everything.

Next is this mess I call hair. Since it's so curly it's really hard to comb through. But I try anyway. Once that's done I need to dry it, if not then it would probably look like those 70's Afros.

Next is the makeup. Now I'm not one of those people to cake my face with it. I like the more natural look. Since my skin's dark anyways I really don't need a bunch anyway. So I decide to put eyeliner on my top but not to thick. Then put a little of mascara. The tada! Done. Masterpiece! Okay not really.

I look in the mirror. Nice work moore.. nice work. Next I put on the dress and get my black ankle boots out. These would look nice. Once I put them on I go to my tall mirror and look at the finishing product. Man I look great.  I mean if I were a guy I'd want me. That's how good I look.

I glance at the clock. 7:00. Already! Dang i have to be at school by 7:30!

I run downstairs and make the quickest bowl of cereal I can. See because i have to take my other sister to school so she better hurry or no ride for her. I start eating when I see her come downstairs.. Good so I'm not late.

" You better hurry or I'm leaving you." I say with a mouth full.

" Yeah yeah yeah I'm hurrying." She says waving me off.

Once I get done I have to go brush my teeth. I am not and I mean not going ot school on the first day with bad breathe.

Phew! Finally done and it's only 7:10. Good work.

I take a couple deep breathes because I can feel the nerves start to grow in my stomach. Man I am so nervous.

" You ready to go?" My step-sister asks.

I guess I must've been so nervous I didn't even notice her.

" Yeah let's go." I say grabbing my keys and heading out.

The car ride is silent as always. It's always like this because her and I have nothing in common. Or so I know of because she never talks to me.

I find a parking spot once I'm at school. I look over and see a black range rover next to me. Whoever they are, they have a nice car. I see a curly headed boy get out. He's tall covered in tattoos and apparently really cute. I see him look at me so I look away. I didn't want him to notice me looking.

" Do you know who he is?" I ask my step sister.

" Yeah that's Harry Styles." she says.

I nod gathering the information.

" But I wouldn't go near him.. he always causes trouble." She says walking ahead of me.

Hmmm.. Harry Styles the troublemaker. Has a nice ring to it.


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