Good Girl, Meet Bad Boy

Sydney, Syd for short is the new kid in high school, she just moved to London from California and she runs into a bad boy, Harry, she starts to fall for him, is he falling for her? Read and find out!


5. Slipping Away

Harry's POV

I cant believe I let her slip away from me again.

I had planned on kissing her, but I guess that will never happen.

She will never like a bad boy like me, Ugh. I cant believe how perfect she is.

She has a perfect smile and a perfect laugh and just a perfect everything.

As I'm sitting on the couch laughing my ass off she is sitting glaring at me

We finish up our studying and making our note cards she asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I said yes but I was kinda tired because it was 10:00 but she started it anyways. She brought out a blanket and we shared it. The only way that was possible was if she leaned into me. I didn't mind but I'm sure she did but whatever it took to be comfortable. She snuggled up into me and I put my arm around her.

Sydney's POV

I may seem like the type that's a complete bitch but I'm not I genuinely like him, he may not know that but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

When I went back to get our blanket I purposely grabbed the smallest one so we would have to sit close

When I sat down and leaned into him and he put his arm around me my heart melted.

About half way through the movie I felt my eyes begin to get heavy and I begin to drift off to sleep. Eventually I give up an just go to sleep


I know it's morning when I feel sunlight hit my eyes through the curtains. I look around without moving my head trying not to wake him. I see we haven't moved since last night.

I look up and see him staring at me

"How mom hae you been up?" I ask

"Not very long." He said

"Do you want breakfast cause I'm going to get some" I say and ask.

"Sure" he says and we get up and go twords the kitchen

I get the waffles in the toaster and sit on the counter

Harry comes closer and puts himself through my legs

"You know you're completely irrisitable right?" He asked

"Thanks...." I say shyly

He lifts my chin with his fingers and places his lips on mine I no doubtedly kiss back

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