Good Girl, Meet Bad Boy

Sydney, Syd for short is the new kid in high school, she just moved to London from California and she runs into a bad boy, Harry, she starts to fall for him, is he falling for her? Read and find out!


3. Meeting Him

Sydney's POV

I step out of the car and begin to walk into the building. I get that feeling, you know that feeling you get when somebody is looking at you, yea I had that. I turned around to lock my car not really just to see who was staring at me without making it obvious that I know. I press the lock button and turn back around. "Hey you!" I hear from behind me. I turn  around to see Harry speeding up to catch up with me. "Hi" I say shyly not making very much eye contact. To be honest bad boys scare me a little bit. "Hey babe, what's your name?" he asks. I pretend as if I don't hear him and walk away "Hey! I was talking to you" he yells from behind. I hear footsteps running up from behind. He runs in front of me and lifts my chin to look at him. I notice his green eyes that stand out through all the black from his tattoos and piercings and stuff. "All I wanted to know is your name"  he says "Syd-Sydney" I reply shakily. "That's beautiful, you new hear?" he asks "Yea." I say quietly "Well do you have your schedule?" he asks. I take it out of my bag and hand it to him and he hands me his phone "What do I do with this?" I ask a little bit more confident "Put your number in it" he smiles "Your innocent, I like it" he added on to his sentence. "We have all the same classes" he smiled, I can show you around throughout the school day he smile. Under all those tattoos and piercings he is a nice guy and I have a feeling today I would see it shine through. First we had home room and that really wasn't a period and didn't last long. After the bell rang we headed to first period, that was elective. We both had choir. I never really told anybody but I love to sing. I have no idea if I'm good or not but I like to sing. I get there and the teacher was right of the bat hilarious. He told us that we would be more like a glee club instead of a choir, that means we would be singing a lot of newer popular songs instead of old classical songs. That made me like this class even more. He first had us partner up with the opposite gender for the first song we will be singing "Bruises" by Train and Ashley Monroe. I read the lyrics on a piece of paper as he pulled the song up on YouTube to show us. I think I found a new love, that song and I couldn't wait to sing it in show. We have English next. She spent the  whole class time explaining how she will run the class and all this junk that everyone does at the beginning of the year. When she was in mid sentence the bell rung. We all stood up and dashed out the door. I walked down the hall to my locker. I grabbed my purse and shoved my backpack in my locker. I closed the locker to see Harry behind the door. "You ready?" he asks with a smile. "Yea, lets go." I said. We walked down the hall and into the cafeteria. I stepped in line with him behind me and we talked and moved until it was time to get our food. I grabbed what I usually do: salad, carrots, and whatever desert is up today. I finish and wait for Harry because I don't know where he sits. For the first day I figure I will follow Harry around so I know the way things work. He comes out and we sit at an empty table. I start to pick at my salad. We start to talk about how the rest of the day will go. The bell rings and we get up and go to our lockers. I am quite quick being I only have to grab my backpack and shove my purse in. Well I thought I was quite quick until I saw Harry walk up. Dang it! I was hoping to finish before him. The rest of the day goes quickly and Harry and I continue to get closer, I realize he is my only friend at this school. In biology we have homework, I don't believe it will be that hard, I mean its only making flashcards of the vocab words for chapter 1.  Harry and I make plans to work on them together after school. My mom probably wont be home so we will have alone time. It's really only me around the house anymore. My dad died in a car crash when I was little and my mom is like a lawyer for celebrities so she makes a lot of money, so our house is rather large. My room is the biggest with and attached bathroom and a hugmongo walk in closet. The last bell rings and I walk out to my car. I get there and wait for my step-sister (My mom's fiancé's daughter) and within 5 minutes she is not there. I pull out my phone to text her. "Where are you" I send "I'm busy I will be out in a few minutes" she sends back "Well, if you're not here in 5 minutes, I'm leaving." I sent back. In 5 minutes she is still not there. I get in my car and leave. I get in the house and change into more comfortable clothes. My plaid pajama shorts and a t-shirt. I put my hair up into a messy bun and take off the little makeup I had on. I sit on the couch and turn on the TV, until I hear the doorbell ring. Oh no! I forgot about the homework with Harry and I look horrid.

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