Good Girl, Meet Bad Boy

Sydney, Syd for short is the new kid in high school, she just moved to London from California and she runs into a bad boy, Harry, she starts to fall for him, is he falling for her? Read and find out!


1. All About Me

 Sydney's POV

Hello! My name is Sydney Rene Moore. People call me Syd for short though. Before I tell you all my story I would just like to tell you all what I look like. Okay well to start I am Italian so I do have naturally dark skin, I live in California so I go outside a lot, and that makes my skin even darker. I like to tan a lot every time I got out to tan I give my self a sun tattoo, I put a heart sticker on my waist bone and then I tan, when I'm finished I take the sticker off and its magic. I have long Black hair, its naturally curly, and when I say curly I don't mean the wavy type that girls call curly I mean its a little loser then if you did it with a curling iron. It is about down to the top of my bum. My eyes are  the ice blue color. The one that is almost white and are really rare, yea I was lucky enough to be born with them. I have 5 piercings in my earlobe, but trust me that's not all both traguses pierced. I also have both of my rooks pierced. My left ear also has an industrial bar in it. I also have a belly button pierced. I started getting into piercing my body when I was 14, well I am 18 now. My most recent piercing is my belly button, and I love it. I have so many little ring things for it, they are so adorable. I have one tattoo but it has a meaning that is a very touchy subject, but I will say cause we're friends right? Okay well it is a tiny butterfly on my left shoulder. Okay well my dad had a very bad heart and it was fragile like a butterfly, that was what the shape means. My father's favorite color was purple and blue, that explains the color. It is also tiny like his life span, my father was 38 when he died that is less then an average age span. He was killed in a heart attack. Okay well I guess you could say that I'm a "goody-goody", I never get in trouble. In primary school I never "pulled a card or a tally" I have never gotten written up or had any behavioral problems. I get very good grades I have never gotten lower than a A on my report card. I may seem like my life is great well its not, okay. When my dad died I began to self harm, I am clean now and have been for 18 months, but I still have scars. I have attempted suicide 3 times. I guess I just thought I couldn't live without my daddy whenever I do or say or act in a certain way, my mom just begins to tear up, I am a spitting image of my daddy. Well yea I've been through a lot in my life but now I am a happy normal teenager and my mom has recently gotten remarried. I now have a step-sister who is about my age she is 17 and will turn 18 in a few months. My mom is also pregnant again with another little sister for me. Okay well that's all I have to say.

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