After The Memories * completed*

*Sequel to Midnight Memories* This is the story of what happens to Hanna, Harry, Aria, Liam, Louis, Mona, Emily, Zayn, Spencer, and Niall after all the best memories that have happened to them. Mona and Louis are married. So are; Hanna and Harry, Em and Zayn, Aria and Liam, Spencer and Niall. They all have children now. Hanna has a baby girl and a boy on his way(Caleb Paul Styles, Skylar Sabrina Styles.) Aria has a boy (Michael Drake Payne.) Em has a baby girl (Hayden Janet Malick.) Mona has a baby girl (Piper Marie Tomlinson.) Spencer has twins and a girl on the way (Taylor Jackson Horan, Jacob Sam Horan, Jazmine Elizabeth Horan.) They all live happy lives. But what happens when the worst memories haunt you? What would you do? Let's see what happens to lovely couples.


12. Reactions

Jazmine's P.O.V.

I walked into school and met up with Nikki. ''Hey Nik if I tell you something can you keep a secret?'' ''For you of course.'' See every one thinks Nikki is the worst person on Earth. But she is really nice and sweet just don't get on her bad side cause there is no going back. ''Me and Caleb are dating.'' I said so fast I am sure she didn't hear it. She looked stunned. ''Did you just say you and Caleb are dating.'' I nodded and smiled. She looked at me with a 'I am so confused' look. ''I am going to kill that little-'' ''Why are you going to kill him?'' I cut her off before she could say what she was going to say. ''Are you mad? Have you not heard where he has been with. With me.'' tears welled up in her eyes. ''No I didn't I'm sorry. Lets go beat the lad's bum.'' she nodded. We searched the school high and low. I saw him, I smirked and hit Nikki's arm. She saw him and we walked over to him trying to act normal. ''Hey babe, this is Nikki, but I'm sure you already met.'' I said with fire basically coming out my mouth. ''Call our mums Nikki.'' he turned bloomin slowly. I then took the chance to smack him. Wow I wonder why it hurts. Oh yeah he stole my first kiss, my first actual crush. Now I'm going to crush him. Nikki then kicked him in the stomach after talking with our mums. I then knocked him down. We both started to kick him in the stomach. Teach a guy to mess with me. ''This is for breaking my heart, this is for stealing everything, this is for hurting my best friend-'' Nikki chanted with each kick while I just repeatedly kicked him with no words. Someone pulled us off. I looked up and saw a handsome boy. Ahh I know who it is. Justin Andrews. I turned and kissed him Nikki did the same to William Edwards. I grabbed Justin's hand started to walk off with Nikki and William beside us. I kissed him again and said bye. Nikki did the same. We walked out together to my mums car. ''So what did you do?'' she asked ''We beat Caleb.'' she looked stunned. ''Come on Nikki when we get home lets go shopping with Piper.'' I whispered. She nodded. I went to my parents room. I got some money and so did Nikki at her house. ''Young lady why did you beat Caleb?'' ''Who beat Caleb?'' Harry asked coming down. ''I did with Nikki. Mum I did it because he cheated on her with me.'' I stated very simply. Dad looked my way. ''You two were dating?'' he asked. I nodded. ''Any more questions can be asked when I get home with Nikki and Piper.'' They all looked at me with surprise. ''What? Not expecting 'dads little girl' to act like this. Well I am. I am changing and you can't do anything about it.'' They all looked at each other. I walked out of the house. Piper was in the car. We went to Nikki's and got her. She smiled when she got into the car. I smiled back. I then texted her everything that happened between me and my family. She laughed. Piper rolled her eyes and keep on going. we got to the mall. Time to shop. I smirked and walked into American Eagle.

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