After The Memories * completed*

*Sequel to Midnight Memories* This is the story of what happens to Hanna, Harry, Aria, Liam, Louis, Mona, Emily, Zayn, Spencer, and Niall after all the best memories that have happened to them. Mona and Louis are married. So are; Hanna and Harry, Em and Zayn, Aria and Liam, Spencer and Niall. They all have children now. Hanna has a baby girl and a boy on his way(Caleb Paul Styles, Skylar Sabrina Styles.) Aria has a boy (Michael Drake Payne.) Em has a baby girl (Hayden Janet Malick.) Mona has a baby girl (Piper Marie Tomlinson.) Spencer has twins and a girl on the way (Taylor Jackson Horan, Jacob Sam Horan, Jazmine Elizabeth Horan.) They all live happy lives. But what happens when the worst memories haunt you? What would you do? Let's see what happens to lovely couples.


23. Make Out Sessoin

Jazmime's P.O.V.

I was thinking. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Aunt Hanna. She said that Caleb is in a pillow and wanted to talk to me only. I walked in there. He was facing upward. One arm outstretched and the other was coiled on his side. I walked and laid on the outstretched one. He looked overjoyed when he saw me. He was shirtless in sweats. He sat up and picked me up. He put me on his lap. He looked at me like is it okay. I nodded and he kissed me. He slid his tongue asking for entrance. I granted it. He kissed me with love and passion. Then we heard a knock at the door. I scattered to the head board and Caleb stated where he was. It was my dad. When he saw us he nodded and walked off. I put a movie in. I giggled and Caleb laughed. I started to laugh to.  I stop and had a smirk on my face. "What?" He asked. I just crawled over and sat him up. He smirked back. I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed back. He slipped he tongue over my bottom lip. Of course I granted. He explored my mouth slowly. Then we fought for dominance. He won. Of course. I decided to explore his mouth. He let me. His hands were on my waist. I kissed his harder. Of course he followed. My hands were on his chest. He pulled back my eyes were closed. Then I got a warm sensation on my neck. I looked down and saw Caleb kissing my neck. I smiled and moaned. I began to play with his hair not wanting him to stop. He is just-just ohh. He cute sweet hot etc.  He is just irresistible. He was kissing up and down my neck tying to find my sweet spot. He finally found it and I moaned loudly. It's a good thing that girl screamed. He smiled and me and held a finger to my mouth to tell me to be quiet. I nodded and he resumed kissing my neck. It's so hard trying not to moan. I had to let on slip. I moaned loudly. Caleb smirked. He knew there was one reason for that. I couldn't contain it. His touch it's so foreign  so remote. I just can't get used to it. He smashed his lips to mine. He slid his tongue on my bottom lip and I granted. He let me explore. When I was done exploring he explored my again. When he was done (20minutes later) we broke apart for a breather. He darted for my neck    He kissed up and down my neck. He is starting to scare me with this attitude. The hunger. Hunger for love. He was kissed. It think seaching for a sweet spot. Oh well I love it. He's making me feel like the only girl in the world. Like I'm the only one he thinks about. He hit a spot that broke my thoughts. I put my head on the side of his and moaned. He smiled. Up at me. Oh I can't take this. I grabbed his face kissed him. Hard.  He kissed back with the same force. He push me down on the bed while still kissing me. He kissed me with love and passion. We pulled apart. He kissed my neck. I moaned. He smiled on my neck. He came back to my lips and kissed me. I threw him to his back. He looked and me with a smirk. I brushed it off and kissed his neck. I went up his neck to his ear and whispered "I love you". Then kissed down. Then back to his ear and whispered "so much" the kissed his sweet spot. I sucked on he neck. He moaned. I smiled. I kissed his lips. Just a small peck. Then went back to sucking on his neck. I nibbled on his neck then kissed his cheek. I just awaited his next move. He flipped me and his legs on either side. I made myself more comfortable. He began to kiss me. He kissed up and down my neck I did to him "I love you too" he whispered. Then went down and came up "much more then you could imagine. " I smiled. I moaned as he sucked and nibbled on my neck. I moaned he came back to my earlobe and nibble on it. I giggled. He chuckled and kissed my nose. He said he wanted one more kiss. I smiled and sat up. He did to. I kissed his lips and never wanted it to end. But it did. I had to fix my hair. When I was done I walked out and to the bed where Caleb was. He looked comfortable. I jumped on the bed and laughed. He looked at me confused I just smiled and turned out the lights I walked over to the bed. I kiss. I cuddled up to him and fell asleep in the middle of titanic. He kissed me on the head and went to sleep himself 

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