After The Memories * completed*

*Sequel to Midnight Memories* This is the story of what happens to Hanna, Harry, Aria, Liam, Louis, Mona, Emily, Zayn, Spencer, and Niall after all the best memories that have happened to them. Mona and Louis are married. So are; Hanna and Harry, Em and Zayn, Aria and Liam, Spencer and Niall. They all have children now. Hanna has a baby girl and a boy on his way(Caleb Paul Styles, Skylar Sabrina Styles.) Aria has a boy (Michael Drake Payne.) Em has a baby girl (Hayden Janet Malick.) Mona has a baby girl (Piper Marie Tomlinson.) Spencer has twins and a girl on the way (Taylor Jackson Horan, Jacob Sam Horan, Jazmine Elizabeth Horan.) They all live happy lives. But what happens when the worst memories haunt you? What would you do? Let's see what happens to lovely couples.


28. Chapter 28

Caleb's P.O.V.  

 I coughed. "Ughh." I groaned and sat up. Then Jazmine walked in with a tray. It had soup, orange juice, and my medication on it. I groaned again. "Here you go. The doctor said you have to take these, stay in bed, and take some get nutrients and vitamins in your system." I smiled at her taking care of me. "Thank you babe." She smiled and gave me the tray. "You have to eat then take your pills." I nodded and smiled. I finished my soup and downed my pills. "Thank you love." She smiled and tried to kiss me. I turned my head so she kissed my cheek. She nodded and laid beside me. "I'll be right back." I nodded and snuggled into the covers. I fell asleep waiting. ******* "Caleb. Babe get up." I groaned and sat up. Someone touched my back. Their hand was warm on my bare back. I don't know why but I smiled at the slight touch. I know who it is cause there's only one person that makes me feel this way. Jazmine. I felt her get behind me. She started to rub my back. I smiled. I opened my eyes. I closed them again. She actually gives a good massage. I hung my head and smiled. She stopped. I frowned. I felt something on my legs. I didn't want to look cause I know who it is. She rubbed my shoulders. I smiled. She got closer and rubbed my neck. I looked up and saw Jazmine smiling at me. I closed my eyes and put my head on her chest. She laughed at me and started to rub my shoulders again. I groaned at looked at her. I smiled. She smiled back. I started to kiss her neck. She moaned and still rubbed my neck. I kissed up her jawline. She smiled. I pulled back and laid down. I turned over so she was sitting on my back. She rubbed it. I smiled. She rubbed her finger tips along my back softly then touched the top. She then rubbed hard all the way down. I smiled. She then went back to my neck. She rubbed it softly. I smiled. I was falling asleep when I head a knock at the door. Jazmine still rubbed my neck. "Come in." She said loud enough for them to hear. They walked in. It was our dads. They laughed at us and smiled. She still rubbed my neck. "Hey guys. What are you doing?" Niall asked. "I am rubbing his back what does it look like I'm doing?"  Jazmine said sarcastically. I laughed. Niall snorted. I laughed. My dad laughed and patted Niall's back. Jazmine got off my back and laid with me. I smiled. "Thank you." I said slowly and in a whisper. She smiled and kissed my cheek. I smiled back and nuzzled my head into the crook of her neck. I began to fall asleep. God I'm really tired. I looked up and saw Niall and my dad still standing there. "I'm going to go get some pills that will run don you fever. Okay?" "Thank you, love." She smiled and got up. Out dad's eyes followed her. When she was out their eyes fell on me. I smiled. They just sat there and smirked. I laid on my back dozing off when I felt breath on my face. I opened my eyes and saw them hovering over me. "Out." I said. They just laughed and sat on my couch. I groaned and got up. I went to my mini fridge. I got a bottle of water and laid back on my bed. Jazmine came in with my pill and gave it to me I took it and turned over. "Thank you love." I said she nodded started to rub my neck again. I smiled and laid on my stomach. She smiled and kissed my head. "Love you." "Love you too."  The boys got out. "Okay now where is it?" She went looked and pulled out a camera. She took out the memory card. She put a new one in there and put it in my dad's room. She walked back in. She kissed my cheek and laid down. I picked up the memory card. I put it in my laptop. It was us. I watched it. I smiled and laughed. Jazmine looked at me confused. I closed the laptop and smiled. She raised a brow. I laughed. I opened it and restarted it. She smiled and laughed. I smiled and put the laptop down. She smiled and kissed my nose. She is finally carrying my wish. I don't like it. I bought her face to mine and kissed he lips. She kissed back. She rubbed and hand through my hair and twisted my curls around her fingers. I moaned. She smiled. I pulled back and kissed her neck. I showed much aggression. I pushed her back on the bed. She moaned. She moaned every now and then. She was the one moaning. Like a lot. But it was my fault. I let go of her neck and smashed my lips to hers. She kissed back and played with my hair. I moaned. She flipped me over. She sucked on my neck. I moaned continuously. She was playing with my hair. Which only made me moan more. She moaned as I squeezed her bum. She laughed and sucked harder on my neck. I moaned louder when she did. She put her free hand to my mouth and shushed me. I nodded. She finally let go of my neck and smashed her lips to mine. I kissed back. I slid my tongue over her bottom lip. She granted. I explored her mouth. My hands traveled her perfect curves. I squeezed her bum. She moaned and giggled. I kissed her one last time. The we got into our same spots and fell asleep.   

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