After The Memories * completed*

*Sequel to Midnight Memories* This is the story of what happens to Hanna, Harry, Aria, Liam, Louis, Mona, Emily, Zayn, Spencer, and Niall after all the best memories that have happened to them. Mona and Louis are married. So are; Hanna and Harry, Em and Zayn, Aria and Liam, Spencer and Niall. They all have children now. Hanna has a baby girl and a boy on his way(Caleb Paul Styles, Skylar Sabrina Styles.) Aria has a boy (Michael Drake Payne.) Em has a baby girl (Hayden Janet Malick.) Mona has a baby girl (Piper Marie Tomlinson.) Spencer has twins and a girl on the way (Taylor Jackson Horan, Jacob Sam Horan, Jazmine Elizabeth Horan.) They all live happy lives. But what happens when the worst memories haunt you? What would you do? Let's see what happens to lovely couples.


27. Chapter 27

Caleb's P.O.V. 

It's the end of the day and we were all eating dinner. My dad was smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and looked at my food. My heart was beating faster and faster. Jazmine looked down and grabbed my hand. I looked up at her and she was looking at her dad who was talking about something. I was eating slowly. Then when I was done I excused myself and went to the kitchen. I dumped my plate in and went to the den. The fireplace was lit. I sat there and someone came in. I looked up and saw Jazmine. She smiled. "Move over." She said. I did. She lifted up the recliner. She laid with me. I put her under the blanket. She smiled. I believe we were what it is called spooning. I liked it though. I kissed the back of her neck. I saw goosebumps appear on her skin. I smiled and pulled her closer. She giggled and turned over. I picked her up and put her like when I had a broke leg. She smiled and kissed me. She pulled back and laid her head on my chest. I smiled and watched the fire. Someone came behind us.  I looked and saw Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and my dad. I smiled and looked at Jazmine. She was asleep I smiled and kissed her head. I looked at the boys again. They were all smirking at me. "Looks like someone is in love." "Oh look baby boy grew up." "That's my boy." "Oh look he cuddling her." "Don't hurt her." They were saying things along that line. I blushed and looked down smiling. "Oh look he's blushing." Zayn said. I blushed redder. They laughed and went to the family room. I huffed and kissed Jazmine's head. I smiled and picked her up bridle-style. I have to walk through the family room. I sighed and started to walk. I got to the family room. I huffed and started to to walk through. I heard an awe and everybody turned and looked at me. I smiled. And began to walk up she groaned and wrapped her arms around my neck. I heard one of the girls awe. I laughed and walked to her room. I set her down in her bed. I covered her up and smiled. I kissed her head and walked to my room. I sat on my bed. I laid and got under the covers. I herd a groan and foot steps. I was half way asleep. Then someone hit me vertically in their way. I gasped trying to get air. The person landed on my stomach. I finally got air. I looked down and saw a girl. I picked her up. From the light of the T.V. I saw Jazmine. She groaned again and tossed her head. I put her down and laughed. I got up and went to Spencer and Niall's  room. I tapped Spencer's shoulder. She looked up and smiled. She got up and looked at me questionably. I started at the door and she followed I got to the room and pointed at Jazmine. "What's wrong with that?" "She just about killed me from lack of air." "How?" I told her what happened and she laughed. Jazmine opened one eye. I could tell. Her mom walked out smiling. I turned at looked at Jazmine. I laughed at her. I went over to her. I was fixing to kiss her cheek but she grabbed my face and kissed me. I laughed and kissed back. I hovered over her and got on top  of her. She tried not to giggle. I turned over still kissing her. I laid to where we were both on the bed. I let go of the kiss and looked at her smiling I kissed up and down her neck slowly. I then laid there. She moved over towards me. She moved over more and cuddled up to me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. Then I fell asleep********i woke up and looked around. I saw Jazmine still asleep. I smiled and kissed her head. She groaned and cuddled up to me more. I laughed. I cuddled back and was almost asleep. I got her off of me and turned over. Now I'm cold. I got under the covers and got hot again. I went to the restroom. I looked on the mirror. I had bags under my eyes, my face was pale, and my nose was red and stuffy. Great I'm sick. I hopped into the shower and just sat there letting the hot water run down my back and chest. My head is pounding. I walked out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my lower half. I got out and changed. I laid down with my eyes closed. I got a car for my birthday and took my drivers test. I passed. I kissed Jazmine on the head. I got up and went to my car. I groaned. I got out and got my dad. He agreed to take me to the doctors. I got to the doctors and said I have the flu. I decided to stay in a spare bedroom. I got to my room and got some clothes. I looked at saw Jazmine still asleep. "Caleb..." She said in a whispered. "Yes love." I said back. "Come here." "I can't love I'm sick." "I'll take my chances." "No I won't bye love." "Noooo come herrrrrre." I laughed and walked over. "Bye love." I said and kissed her neck. She shifted under my touch. I smiled and kissed her head. She sighed and grabbed my face. I grabbed her hands. "No babe. I'm not getting you sick." "I don't care. I'm getting a kiss right here right now. Now bring your head down and give me a freaking kiss." "No I'm not getting you sick." "Give me a freaking kiss then you can go. Please?" She asked pouting. I hugged her. She sighed. I pulled back and didn't expect this. She grabbed my head and smashed lips to mine. I was stunned. I kissed back and closed my eyes. She smiled. I smiled and laughed. The things this girl does to me. She did not want to let go. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on for dear life. She played with my hair tugging every now and then and making me moan. I moaned loudly when she tugged at it and slid her tongue into my mouth without permission. I was shocked but didn't care. I tried to pull back but she wouldn't let me. She explored my mouth with her tongue. I smiled and pushed her down on the bed. I played with her hair. She smiled and played with mine. I moaned. She smiled and pull back. I just looked stunned and fell over. She laughed and got on top of me. She giggled. I still looked stunned. She smiled and brought her head to my neck. I moaned as she kissed and sucked on it. She smiled and sucked on it harder. She grazed her teeth over it. I moaned when she did. She nibbled at the piece of skin. I moaned. She smiled. "You can go now." She whispered slowly. I just sat there looking stunned as ever. She smiled and kissed me. I moaned as she played with my hair. She smiled and pulled back. I smiled and got up. I started to walk towards the door. "Oh what the hay!" I turned around and walked towards her. I walked over to her and pulled her up. I picked her up and sat her on the dresser. I kissed her and played with her hair. I glided my tongue on her bottom lip asking for entrance age granted and I explored her mouth. I held her lower thighs. I rubbed them with my thumbs and still kissed her. She moaned and played with my hair making me moan. I pulled back and connected my lips with her neck sucking and grazing the skin. She moaned and rubbed a hand down my back. She put her hands up to my head and played with my hair pulling softly every now and then. I pulled back and turned my head to the other side and sucked on a piece of skin on the other side of her neck. She pulled my head up and slammed her lips to mine. I pulled back and smiled. "I think I will stay in here. I like it." I smiled "Now I need some rest." She nodded. I smile and laid on the bed she came and laid with me. Then we both fell asleep.  

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