After The Memories * completed*

*Sequel to Midnight Memories* This is the story of what happens to Hanna, Harry, Aria, Liam, Louis, Mona, Emily, Zayn, Spencer, and Niall after all the best memories that have happened to them. Mona and Louis are married. So are; Hanna and Harry, Em and Zayn, Aria and Liam, Spencer and Niall. They all have children now. Hanna has a baby girl and a boy on his way(Caleb Paul Styles, Skylar Sabrina Styles.) Aria has a boy (Michael Drake Payne.) Em has a baby girl (Hayden Janet Malick.) Mona has a baby girl (Piper Marie Tomlinson.) Spencer has twins and a girl on the way (Taylor Jackson Horan, Jacob Sam Horan, Jazmine Elizabeth Horan.) They all live happy lives. But what happens when the worst memories haunt you? What would you do? Let's see what happens to lovely couples.


26. Chapter 26

 Caleb P.O.V. 

I woke and Jazmine was gone. I started to freak. I got up and ran down stairs. She wasn't there. I ran to her room. She wasn't there. I ran to her parents room. She wasn't there. I checked the in tire house. She was nowhere. I was now freaking. I went running down the road calling her. Tori came out.  "What is wrong?" "I can't find Jazmine." She rolled her eyes and stepped aside. Jazmine was behind her. I sighed. I ran to her and hugged her. "Don't ever do that again." She laughed. She kissed my ear. I chuckled and looked at Tori. "Thank you." I mouthed. She nodded and l smiled. I kissed her head. She giggled and buried her head in my chest. I looked down and saw her love bite. I kissed it. She giggled. I picked her up bridle-style. She laughed and stuck her head in my neck. She was nearly asleep. I opened the door and walked in. Her dad was on the couch. He looked at me and nodded towards me. I smiled and closed the door. I walked upstairs and laid her on the bed. She smiled up at me. I went to go to the bathroom when she jumped on the bed and onto my back. I laughed. "Can I go to the bathroom?" She shook her head. I turned her to where she was in front of me. I smashed my lips to hers. She kissed back. I pushed her down on the bed and kissed her. Her legs were still wrapped around my torso. I kissed her for what seemed like years then let go. I smiled and let her go. I went to the bathroom. When I came out I didn't see Jazmine. I walked out and felt something hit my back with great force. I got myself back on balance. I flipped it to look me in the eye. I laughed when I saw what it was. Jazmine. She smiled and kissed me. I kissed back. The door opened. She pulled back and dropped from my torso. It was my dad. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I'm just going to leave." "By all means dad please do." I hissed. He smirked and walked away. I laughed and blushed looked at Jazmine. She looked up and smiled. She wrapped her arms around my neck.She jumped and wrapped her legs around my torso. I held onto her upper thigh. She kissed me and I kissed back. I walked over to the wall and held her against it. She smiled. I just kissed her. She stopped smiling and kissed. I ran my left hand down her thigh. She giggled. I ran it back up to where it was. There was a knock on the door I pulled back and set her down. I went to the door and opened it. It was Niall. He smiled and walked in. We'll sure come on in without asking. I rolled my eyes and followed him. Jazmine was laying on my bed. I smiled and sat with her. Niall walked over to us and smiled. He kissed Jazmine's head. He looked at me and nodded. He walked out. I looked at Jazmine and smirked. She looked at my 'scared' and got up. I got up to with the smirk and followed. The door is shut. She backed into a corner. I kissed her neck. She moaned. I laughed. I went up her neck. I hit her sweet spot with was yellow now from last time. I lightly kissed it. I went beside it and kissed it. I sucked on it lightly. Ikissed it. Then went up and kissed the rest of the way up. I kissed her cheeks and went to the other side of her neck. I kissed down it. I found a sensitive piece. I sucked on it and she moaned lightly trying to muffle it. But I sucked on it harder. She moaned much louder but not loud enough for people outside to hear. I smiled and went up her neck. She giggled. I smiled and kissed her cheek. I went to her ear and whispered "Jump." She did and I held her middle thigh. I kissed her lips and held her against the wall. I slipped my tongue into her mouth without permission. I scared her and made her yelp. I smiled. She finally decided to let me explore her mouth. She smiled. I smiled to. Our tongues danced then fought for dominance. Of course I won. I smiled and just stayed like that with her. I smiled and pulled back. I kissed he one last time and carried her to the bed I sat her down. I kissed her cheek and laid with her. I need a nap. I looked around my room and spotted something grey. I furrowed my eyebrows together. I gout up and picked it up. It was a camera. I looked through the tape and it was me and Jazmine these last couple of nights. I broke the camera and went to sleep for a long time. 

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