me, myself and I

just me myself and I know one else just me.. So stop trying to change me


1. Me

Chantelle Hartley. The name sounds sexy bubbly outgoing fun, it's the sort of name which every other girl would want to live up to.

In my case Chantelle Hartley is but a dream away instead I am stuck with the name Anya van hasststein German and Russian origin. Sounds cool doesn't it but no! It's a pretty name but it's not a Chantelle name it's more a stay in the background sort of name.

I still remember my first day of secondary school I remember walking through the big double doors thinking to myself this is where I will spend the next 7 years of my life. In this hell hole, in those days you can still dream that you will be te girl everyone else wants to be but that dream is squashed in mere matter of seconds. When girls like Chantelle walk in hair flipping skirts up their bum high heels mad glossy lips.

I remember the saying my mum used to tell me even now 'shoulders back head high eyes bright and smile' but when girls like that wall in all you want to do is 'shoulders hunched head low eyes dull and disappear.

In those low times becoming someone else would be the perfect solution except that I'm me your you and no one should be able to take that from you

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