Baby sister


1. Baby sister

She is hurting

I can tell

but I don’t know

what made her so sad today

I don’t know what’s going on

cause she won’t talk to me

I don’t know what happened

but I reckon it’s him

either way she won’t say a thing


I know that feeling way too well

I know the heartache, the emptiness and the tears to shed

I’ve been that way so many times before

I’ve been hurt, I’ve been sad, heartbroken at last

and to think she has to go through all that as well

first love, the pain,

that’s one part of growing up

but it doesn’t end when you do grow up


It was always my job

to take care of her

watch over her

and make sure she’s safe


I still want to protect her

as much as I can

I always try to do my best

but sometimes I just can’t make things any better


I worry about her

every single day

I fear that something bad

might happen to her


Us humans we are bound

to make mistakes

The last thing I want

is for her to repeat mine

but I have to let her make her own


And now that I’m leaving

I’ll not be able to

help her in any way

I’ll be one phone call away

the one too far

and the bound we share

will not be the same

and the connection we have

will be lost along the way


And when I come home

every now and then

I will not see how much she’s changed

I will not know her the way I do now

and soon she’ll be all grown up

and we’ll be estranged till then


I love her with all my heart

and even as time passes by

she will always be my baby sister

and I just want for her all the best

no heartache, no pain,

just love and happiness all the way

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