Why am I tribute?

Hi! This my first Movella, no hate please. I adore the HungerGames and I decided to write a story based around my experience. Hope you like it <3


1. The reaping.

I awoke on the morning of the reaping. The skies where grey and a layer of fog had covered district 12. I didn't want to go, even though my name was only in 4 times, it was still a chance that I would be chosen to compete as tribute in this years hunger games. I know that I had to go, I had already managed to avoid being chosen for 2 years running now, my brother on the other hand wasn't as lucky. I had watched him be brutally murdered in front of Panem, I can honestly say it was one of the worst things life has thrown at me. I clambered out of bed, even though I still had a couple of hours before the names were drawn, I dressed myself. My family were poor, everyone was in district 12. We were the coal mining district, one of the outline districts, we hardly ever won unless a miracle happened! I put on my pale pink dress and tied the bow, plaited my hair and laced my shoes. If you were going to go to the capital, you needed to look your best. ~TheReaping~ Mum tightly hugged me, "you're going to be fine," she whispered into my ear. I could feel tears prickling the back of my eyes but I refused to cry. She kissed my head before I silently walked towards the desk where we checked in. As I was one of the first children there, one of the desks had no cue. The woman didn't speak, she knew my brother well and she tried to smile at me but couldn't, how can you  smile at someone who could be tribute? ~The name calling begins~ "Hello district twelve!" the familiar voice of Effie Trinket boomed into the microphone, "this year, no funny speech! The name calling will just begin now! So, in previous years girls have been called first so lets mix it up a little! Boys first." She sounded all jolly until the last sentence. She walked over to the huge glass bowl, full to the top with names of the boys of 12. My boyfriends name is in there. I had never thought of that before now. Suddenly a voice boomed across everyone, "Billy Dunn." A sick feeling appeared in my stomach. He was chosen. My boyfriend. 

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