Its about a typical teenage girl called Charlotte, AKA Lottie at high school day dreaming about boys and obsessing over boy bands. Constantly on her phone scrolling through photos and updating her blog everyday. Her Best Friend, Phoebe, Is just the same. They are literally like sisters and have sleepovers every weekend! Thing is, Lottie fancies Phoebe's brother, Chris who is actually Lottie's best friend too! Lottie's rival enemy Grace, Fancies Chris first and is always flirting with him but lucky for Lottie as he thinks she's just a weird stuck up tart!


1. Last Year of High School........Finally!

Its the start of the last year of High School! Woo! I put on my best clothes to try and impress Chris, My Best Friend Phoebe's Brother, Who is also my best friend! Ok it is a bit awkward as Phoebe knows I fancy her brother but he doesn't know! I walked onto the old dusty school bus and sat next to Phoebe and Chris. ''Hey Lottie! You're looking nice today! What's different?'' Omg ok I've got his attention! First step Completed! ''Why thank you Chris! You're looking good too! I like you're hair! And nothing much really....'' Phoebe gave me the ''I know what you're doing cheeky!'' Look. I just smiled back at her. For the whole bus journey Chris had one of his arms around me and the one fixing his (Perfect) hair. ''Stop messing with your hair it looks fine!'' I eventually said to him. ''Aah fine'' He winked. ''Chris, I Know you fancy Lottie just go out you two seriously!'' Phoeb's blurted out. Yes, Phoebe's always wanted us two to go out:L ''Ugh Quit it Phoebe!'' Chris said and winked at me. Ok that was really attractive! Omg<3 We arrived at school and he removed his arm from my shoulder, Smiled at me and winked. ''He so fancies you!'' Phoebs mouthed at me. I just smiled and walked off the bus. ''Umm lottie?'' Chris said. ''Yeah?'' ''You're gorgeous!'' ''Thank you'' I said and then he hugged me and left his arm around me whilst we walked to tutor. Oh yeah Me, Phoebs and Chris are all in the same tutor! We walked in and Chris sat next to me. English was first. 'RINGG!!' The bell went.


''C'mon'' Chris said and we walked to English. ''Chris, Can I talk to you?'' I asked. Phoebe mouthed 'NO! DONT DONT!!' I mouthed back 'Why?' Then she just starred. Ok whatever. ''Don't worry Chris its fine!'' I said. ''Ummm ok??......'' He said. ''Right! Hello Class!!'' Our Teacher Ms.Conner shouted. ''Welcome back to School did you all have a good break?'' She said. ''Yeeeess......'' The Class replied. English seemed to last forever but Finally it was over! Drama next........yay.

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