Its about a typical teenage girl called Charlotte, AKA Lottie at high school day dreaming about boys and obsessing over boy bands. Constantly on her phone scrolling through photos and updating her blog everyday. Her Best Friend, Phoebe, Is just the same. They are literally like sisters and have sleepovers every weekend! Thing is, Lottie fancies Phoebe's brother, Chris who is actually Lottie's best friend too! Lottie's rival enemy Grace, Fancies Chris first and is always flirting with him but lucky for Lottie as he thinks she's just a weird stuck up tart!


2. Last Year of High School........Finally! (Pt.2)

Drama next........yay.

''Hello Everyone! Today in Drama we are going to be doing Improv! No everyone pick a partner!'' Our Drama Teacher said. Me and Chris decided to go together. ''Now Everyone got a partner? Yes? Ok! Now who knows what Improv is?'' I put my hand up. ''Acting without a script.'' I answered confidently. 'Well Done' Chris whispered. I looked up at him and smiled. Yes ok I smile a lot, But that's good! ''Well Done Charlotte! That's Correct!'' ''Now, I will give you a scene and all you have to do is go along with it! Everyone Understand?'' Mr.Smith (teacher) explained. ''Yes Sir!'' Oh great! Mine And Chris' scene was a love scene! Picnic in the park! Great! ''Well you are looking gorgeous today!'' Chris said. ''Why Thank you! You are looking great!'' He kissed me on the cheek. I went red and froze.....Umm. ''Uhh Lottie,babe? You ok?'' BABE! ''Uh-Uh-----'' I said. ''Uhh Yes I--I--I'm fine.'' I said. He gave me a 'Ummm....weirdo!' Look. OMG! I must of embarrassed myself SO Much! ''Charlotte? Darling? You okay?'' Mr.Smith asked. I then snapped out of it. ''Yes Sir! Sorry shall we just carry on?'' I said. ''That would be great'' Chris and Mr.Smith said at the same time. We sat down and Chris put his arm round my waist and I put my head on his shoulder. Chris started, ''Nice view huh?'' ''Yeah, Lovely!'' I replied. ''Just like you!'' he looked down and kissed me on the mouth. This time I didn't freeze. Phew! ''I love you'' I said. ''Love you too!''. ''And Scene!'' Mr.Smith shouted. We got up and watched the next pair. ''Well Done Lottie you did great! Except from that little bit at the start. Yeah what was up?'' Chris said. ''Uhh nothing, don't worry.'' I said uncomfortably. ''Hmmmmm k?'' He said curiously. God! So Embarrassing! ''BRINNNNNGGG!'' The bell! Yay Break now! Chris grabbed my arm and dragged me out straight away.


''Chris! What are you doing?!'' ''Just wait and see! Don't you worry!'' Oh No!

''Look, I know what happened in Drama! I feel the same way too Lottie!'' He explained. ''What are you on about?'' I asked even though I knew what he was on about! Haha! ''Why don't we just get together?'' He said. OMG! SERIOUSLY? A IDIOT LIKE ME? JESUS...... ''What?!'' I said. '' Look don't play dumb with me! You know exactly what I'm on about!'' I walked away, I have no idea! I was just afraid! ''Lottie! Where are you going? Lottie!!!!'' Chris shouted at me. I started to run straight to Phoebe. ''OMG! PHOEBE! CHRIS JUST ASKED ME OUT! I RAN AWAY IN FEAR WHAT HAVE I DONE? TOLD YOU IM AN IDIOT! STUPID PERSON! AAAAHH!'' ''Shh! Calm down! Its not that bad! what the hell?'' She said. ''Omg I know........Shall I go back and talk to him?'' ''No. Its too late now.'' She said, Unfortunately. Break finished. I was scared now. I don't want to see Chris! It was RF (Religious Formation) and I sat next to him! We didn't say a word to eachother. He looks pretty upset, or even angry! When the bell went he hurried out the door as fast as he could. Oops! That's my fault:/ ''Don't Worry he'll get out of it.'' Phoebe said. ''Looks like he cared about you a lot!'' She made me feel really bad! I'll go talk to him....


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