Its about a typical teenage girl called Charlotte, AKA Lottie at high school day dreaming about boys and obsessing over boy bands. Constantly on her phone scrolling through photos and updating her blog everyday. Her Best Friend, Phoebe, Is just the same. They are literally like sisters and have sleepovers every weekend! Thing is, Lottie fancies Phoebe's brother, Chris who is actually Lottie's best friend too! Lottie's rival enemy Grace, Fancies Chris first and is always flirting with him but lucky for Lottie as he thinks she's just a weird stuck up tart!


7. He's interesting

Ok there's this new kid in my year called Matt, He seems interesting, Actually Very interesting! He's quite good looking! Tall, Dark Hair and a Quiff, Dark blue eyes, Tattoo's and he plays Guitar quite well too! Obviously the girls love him! They're always trying to get his attention but not me or phoebs. But he seems to want our attention for some reason. The other day, to escape from the girls, Instead of going to his normal seat in the corner he came and sat next to me. ''Hey, I'm Matt!'' He introduced himself. ''Hey Matt, I'm Lottie'' I said smiling back at him. ''Soo, I've seen you around and um you seem kinda interesting. In a good way I mean!'' I added. He just smiled cutely before looking down at his feet. ''How?'' Matt asked. ''I dunno, I mean the girls cant seem to get enough of you! It doesn't look like you like it though, Most guys do.'' I said. ''I'm not like the other guys'' He said before getting up and walking away, swinging his backpack over him. Oops, Did I say something wrong?! Am I too nosey?! I was just trying to make up a conversation...but then what  did that mean? Was he...I mean is he.....oh no.....please......um...is he gay? Surely not! Not a hot guy like that!! I need to find out. I decided to spend more time with Matt to see if I can get any answers.

                                                             *Next Day*


''Hey Lottie'' Matt said whilst walking into our first class, Drama. '' Hey Matt you alright?'' ''Yeah good thanks!'' He said smiling then sitting down in his space (Behind my desk).  Our teacher, Miss.Kennedy, gave us a starting exercise as usual.  And normally I enjoy them but I couldn't focus, I kept getting distracted by Matt. ''Pssst hey lottie!'' he whispered behind me tapping my shoulder. ''What?'' I turned to face him. He just smiled, Like he was trying to tell me something but I don't know what. I looked at him confusedly. There is something about him I just cant get.

'BRING!' At the end of the lesson, Matt caught up with me. ''Hey! Aren't you going to wait for me?'' He said. ''Oh Sorry I didn't know you wanted me to.'' ''So, Is it lunch now?'' He asked. ''Yeah, wanna hang out? My best friend Phoebe and my boyfriend Chris are away on holiday.'' ''You have a boyfriend?'' He asked. ''Yeah, Why?'' he said. ''Oh its just that, I never knew.'' ''Haha that's ok!'' Hanging out with Matt's quite cool actually. He played a bit on his guitar for me and even taught me a few chords. Christ they're hard!! I don't know how Matt does it! But he's really good at it! And I didn't know he could sing! He's amazing! Honestly!! ''You're really good'' I said. ''You think so?'' ''Yeah! Totally!!'' ''Thanks!'' 'BRING!' The bell went. ''See ya'' He said. ''Bye'' He gives me a small wave and smiles at me. 

*Start of last lesson*

''Hey Lottie!'' Matt gives me a smile. ''Alright!'' ''Yeah, I was wondering would you like a ride after school?'' He asks. ''A ride?'' ''Yeah, I just got a new motorcycle. Its pretty sick!'' ''Aha, Ok!" That lesson seemed to go quickly. Is Matt any good at driving? What if he goes really fast? What if we crash? oh god all these thoughts are rushing through my mind...I think straight. ''Hellooo?'' Says Matt. ''Sorry what?'' I wasnt listening. ''Shall we put your helmet on i said!'' ''Oh right, Um yeah, Ok yeah um'' I say uncomfortably. He puts the helmet on me. The ride was pretty fun! ''Thanks that was fun!'' I thank him as he drops me off at my house. ''See ya later!'' Matt says. God he's so hot! 
'PING!' My phone goes off. Its Matt.

             Hey,Thanks for today i had a lot of fun, maybe we can do it again some time?

He says. 

             I'm the one who should be thanking you! haha! anyway Thanks:)

I say. 

               You're really fun:)

He says.

                       Anyway see ya tomorrow xx

I say. 


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