Its about a typical teenage girl called Charlotte, AKA Lottie at high school day dreaming about boys and obsessing over boy bands. Constantly on her phone scrolling through photos and updating her blog everyday. Her Best Friend, Phoebe, Is just the same. They are literally like sisters and have sleepovers every weekend! Thing is, Lottie fancies Phoebe's brother, Chris who is actually Lottie's best friend too! Lottie's rival enemy Grace, Fancies Chris first and is always flirting with him but lucky for Lottie as he thinks she's just a weird stuck up tart!


3. Finally together! Woo:)

I'll go talk to him....


''Umm hey?'' I said. ''Go away'' Chris mumbled. ''Seriously? So you don't like me? Care about me? Want me? No. Ok, Your loss'' I started to walk away. ''Wait!'' Chris said. I smiled then turned to face him again. ''Of course i like you! Of Course i care about you! Obviously I want you.....But why did you run away like you did? Did i do something? I mean you were exaggerating.'' He said. ''I guess so...Its just that we've been best friends for ages and you're phoebe's brother, She's my best friend too. I dont know, Would it be weird?'' I said. ''No i don't think so i mean you and phoebe would still be friends right? And Lottie you'll always be my best friend! Even if you are my girlfriend too'' Omg ok that was cheesy but really cute! ''Awh Chris!'' He kissed my cheek. ''Will you be my girlfriend?'' I kissed him back. ''I guess that's a yes?'' ''Yeah'' He grabbed my hand and we walked to our next lesson together. Art! Great!


Art was okay. We were painting whatever came into our heads. Chris painted a heart. I know who for of course! Haha! I painted a cloud. It looks effective though! I painted a light blue background and Chris came up behind me and hugged me from the back and put his head on my shoulders. He's so cute! I looked at him and kissed him on the mouth. Our first kiss as a couple! Awh:) People started to look and 'Awwh!' at us and whisper to eachother. Grace my enemy shouted ''Ugh! who would go out with Lottie! Especially Chris! He's WAY to good for her! Chris then gave her a dirty look and said ''I would! I am! And she's gorgeous unlike you'' 'OOOOH!' People started to shout. Grace gave me the evils and walked away ''Love you'' I said and kissed Chris again. ''RIGHT! YOU TWO! STOP KISSING AND GET ON WITH YOUR WORK! AND THE REST OF YOU GET ON WITH IT!'' Our Teacher walked in. Oops! The rest of the lesson was just boring! Me and Chris looked over to eachother alot and mouthing 'Love you' awh! I love him SO Much! 'BRING!' Chris put his arm round me and we walked out of class together.


''Phoebs!'' I shouted. ''Hey!'' Looking confused. ''Umm you two together or something?'' She asked. ''Oh yeah! Aha were together!'' Chris kissed me. She smiled. We sat down on the field and i leaned on Chris' shoulder. 

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