Its about a typical teenage girl called Charlotte, AKA Lottie at high school day dreaming about boys and obsessing over boy bands. Constantly on her phone scrolling through photos and updating her blog everyday. Her Best Friend, Phoebe, Is just the same. They are literally like sisters and have sleepovers every weekend! Thing is, Lottie fancies Phoebe's brother, Chris who is actually Lottie's best friend too! Lottie's rival enemy Grace, Fancies Chris first and is always flirting with him but lucky for Lottie as he thinks she's just a weird stuck up tart!


6. Day at the Theme Park

Weekend! Yay! Spent the whole day on Saturday with Chris and Phoebe. We decided to go to the Theme Park which is only a 45 minute drive away, Luckily Chris passed his test over a week ago so he offered to drive. I sat in the front with Chris, Phoebs at the back. I put my hand over Chris' and we just chatted the whole journey. Finally we got there! 


''What do you wanna go on first?'' Chris asked. ''THAT ONE!'' I pointed to the giant roller coaster in front of us. ''Ummmmm....'' Phoebs said Nervously. ''Come on Phoebs! Don't be scared!'' I said. ''But look at it! What if anything happens?!'' She carried on.... ''Seriously? Okay if it wasn't safe it wouldn't be open, If we weren't old enough they would tell us. Phoebe don't be silly!'' ''Okay fine but i'm sat in the middle I hate it on the edge!'' She said. ''But I wanna sit----'' Chris cut off by Phoebe's rudeness. ''I HATE SITTING ON THE EDGE!'' Phoebe made her point.... Chris had his arm stretched over to me the whole ride, Making sure i was okay which was cute. We got off. ''Did you enjoy it?'' Chris asked. ''YEAH!'' I said. ''Did you?'' He asked Phoebs. ''Yeah!'' ''Told you!'' We went on 5 more rides before getting Lunch. ''I wanna go on the water rides next'' Chris said. ''Okay! Shall we go on the water blaster first?'' I said. ''Sure!'' 


I GOT SOAKED! So did Chris, Phoebe not so much. My hair was dripping!!! Chris gave me a wet hug which felt weird. And disgusting for some reason. We went on the rest of the water rides before drying off. We headed home........


We got to Chris' place at around 7, Ordered a Pizza and snuggled up on the sofa to watch a Movie. It was a Romantic Comedy that Phoebs picked out and it was pretty good. I laid in Chris' arms throughout the Movie and He put his arm around me. When the movie was over we went up to Chris' bedroom and Phoebs went into hers. Me and Chris just laid into eachother's arms whilst listening to Ed Sheeran (Idk why) ''I Love You'' Chris whispered. ''I Love You too'' I whispered back. ''Wait, Why are we whispering?'' I added. He laughed. ''I don't know, Its more Romantic....'' I just looked up at him and kissed him. Then we kissed again. Soon i was on top of him, his arms around me tightly. I felt loved, happy, Chris was always the one to make me feel that way but now he's my boyfriend its even better. (I slept the night btw) 


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