The Exchange Students

Ally and Brittany have always had dreams of hot British boys. Ally is dating an Aussie though and Brittany is single. But when Two exchanges students come from England and Ireland come to join their senior class at Beverly Hills High School ALOT of things could happen.


10. Chapter2

Ally's POV

It was the first day of school , I got dressed and went to drive my mini cooper to school. When i got there i parked next to Luke he was on his phone. Things i didn't want to remember were coming back to mind. 

*flashback* "Come on babe please " he said Luke i don't want to "really if you really loved me you would" Luke i do love you I dont have to have sex with you to show that. *flashback over * Luke and i have been fighting alot i love him to much to break up with him. Later on Britt came i have all my classes with her and luke well Luke has PE when  have cheer but other then that we have all the same classes .  At lunch Lauren our friend came over. "OMG ALLY BRITT YOU GUYS HAVE TO MEET THESE NEW DUDES" so we go with her OMG THAT DUDE NAMED LOUIS IS HOT . Louis and i instantly hit off we both are jokers and always want to make people laugh. When we went back over to Luke he looked really mad but thats normal he has a short temper.

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