The Exchange Students

Ally and Brittany have always had dreams of hot British boys. Ally is dating an Aussie though and Brittany is single. But when Two exchanges students come from England and Ireland come to join their senior class at Beverly Hills High School ALOT of things could happen.


18. Chapter 9

  I have been up all night at the hospital. Harry also came there too. They say that she is not doing well. She has bleeding in her brain.  I was sitting there with Harry snuggled up and was slowly falling asleep.

Waking me up my dad said "Hey Brittany, you and Harry go home and get some sleep." 

Harry grabbed my hand and took me to the car. I was so tired and emotional worn out. We got back to the house and laid down on my bed. Harry put his arm around me and laid his head on mine. Right then I just broke down. I have been holding it all in. Thinking I could hold this in was a joke.

"Brittany what is wrong?" Sitting me up to face him.

" Harry I got in a fight with my mom before she got in a car wreak. I told her all this stuff about how I lost my virginity and how she is never there for me." I said trying to catch my breath because I was crying so much. 

 Harry look at me and pulled me in for a hug. " It's okay, she knows you love her. Just get some sleep you will feel better."

I feel asleep on Harry chest. My dream was I was in my house and I get a call that my mom was dead. Then right after Niall some how gets in my house and kills me with a pillow. I wake up screaming. 

"Brittany, whats wrong?" Harry shot up from lying down.

"Nothing it was just a nightmare." I say laying back down. I get the TV remote and watch TV. Why am I so scared about Niall. Oh wait I know why because I still don't know what he does to girls. 

"Um Harry, what does Niall do to girls?" I ask staring at the TV screen so I don't have to look at Harry.

" He will lead you on and then right when he has you he will make you have sex with him. After that he will never talk to you again but will come to your house and make you have sex with him." Harry said to me. Right when he said that a chill ran down my arm like a thousand ice cubes stabbing me in the arm. 

A few moments later my phone rang. I jumped but and started pacing in the room.

" Come on Brittany you can do it. Just answer it and I will be right here." Harry said holding my arm. 

"Hello.." I say hoping it was good news.

"Hey is this Brittany?" They asked me.

"Yes this is she." I said.


I hung up the phone and a tear ran down my face. 

" Brittany what did they-" Harry said and I interrupted him.

"Harry she is dead." I say standing there looking at the wall behind Harry. Harry came up to me and hugged me and said things I blurred out. I could only think about what I said to Mom before she died. I should be dead now to.

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