The Exchange Students

Ally and Brittany have always had dreams of hot British boys. Ally is dating an Aussie though and Brittany is single. But when Two exchanges students come from England and Ireland come to join their senior class at Beverly Hills High School ALOT of things could happen.


13. Chapter 5

Brittany POV:

     I am driving back to my house where Niall's car was. We get to my house and my parents are still gone. I get inside and he says "Hey I am going home."

"Okay bye." I say back waving. 

He grabs my wrist and turns me around. I can feel his breath on me. Then he comes in for a kiss. One of his hands grabs my face the other was on my back. He kisses me and I feel like the world slows down.

After the kiss he looks me in my eyes and says "Okay see you later?"

"Yea."I says still shocked at what he said.

He leaves and I go to my room and go to sleep. I don't know why I did I was just tried of last night. I wake up to my phone ringing. It is ten o'clock at night. It is Harry.

"Hello?" I say into the phone.

"Hey Brittany." Harry says.

"Hey." I say back.

"Would you want to come to my house and hang out with Niall, Louis, Nova, Perrie, and me? Louis wanted to know if Ally would come?" He asked.

"Yea I will come. Let me call Ally and see, but I am sure she will. I will text you to tell you." I say getting up from the bed.

"Okay see you in like a hour or so?" He asked.

"Yea see you in a hour. Bye." I say.

"Bye." He said and I hung up

I call Ally and she said she wanted to come. I tell her I will come to pick her up. I get ready by taking a shower, put on makeup, do my hair, and out on clothes.

I get to Ally's house and honk the horn. She comes outside and gets in the car. We are driving and came to Harry's house. It is nice and big. I knock on the door and Harry comes to the door. I hug him and look around the room. I see Zayn and Perrie together. I turn my head and see Nova and Niall's arm around her. Great this is going to be a good night. Not. 

"Brittany do you want a drink?" Harry asks pulling my out my thoughts. I look over to my left where Ally was, but she left and went to where Louis was.

"Yea that would be great." He goes to the kitchen and brings back a beer.

"Thanks." I say. We talk and Niall sees me and doesn't even say anything to me. Like noting happened. I sit there and wait for him to do something, but he doesn't. 

Then Louis and Harry pull out weed or some drug.

"Do you want some Brittany?" Niall's eyes go wide and he looks at me and nods his head. I think he is telling me not to do it. I wasn't going to anyway because I don't want to get into that stuff. 

"No it's fine." I say then Ally says the same.

After the hangout I get in the car and Ally comes in. Niall knocks on my window.

"What does he want?" She says looking at him.

"I don't know?" I say rolling down the window. 

" Can you give me a ride home?" He asks.

"Yea." I say and let him in I look over to Ally and she looks at me with wide eyes and nods her head. I ignore her and let him in. 

I take Ally home. She gets out the car ans tells me to be careful. When she gets out the car Niall gets out the back and moved to the front.

"Where are you going?" I ask while pulling out Ally's drive way.

"Your house." He says and I turn to see if he was kidding.

"Um no." I say and he looks at me weird.

"Why?" He asked having no clue.

"Um because your dating Nova." I say looking at the road.

"No I am not." He says.

"Okay but what happened today? Why did you do that?" I ask.

"It's was nothing important. I don't like you like that." Right when he said that I felt like mt heart dropped.

"Okay. So where do you live?" I say swallowing my tears.

He tells me and  I drive there. It was silent for the rest of the ride. I was glad he didn't talk. 

"It's nothing important. I don't like you like that."

His words keep playing over and over again my head. When we get to his house he gets out not even saying bye. So I don't say bye. I drive off and start to cry. I need to stop thinking about him. I drive home.

When I pull in my drive way and great my parents are back. I go inside and run up stairs to avoid talking to them. I go to my room take a shower and get dressed for bed. I am in the bed trying to go to sleep but keep on thinking. I finally fall asleep think about Niall.  


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